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    You won't lose any data or settings with a restart or a reset. You will with a restore but you have the option of restoring with a backup to get all your stuff back. Your contacts, apps, music, video, etc should be synced with the appropriate application so you won't lose that. Here's the manual for more info...
  • walkertr123 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for all the help folks. Wish me luck, I really hope this works because this is driving me batty.
  • walkertr123 Level 1 (0 points)
    Well nothing has worked. I've reset, deleted my account, reset again, and tried messing with my settings till I'm blue in the face. So today I'm just going to take my iPhone into apple and see what they can do.
    Also what's frustrating is my hotmail account still won't even give the option to load more messages, this is total crap. I remember when I got the phone both accounts would load more messages, but then it just decided to stop; that's great. Sorry to whine and complain, I'm just ******.

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    Hi walkertr123 ,

    I'm facing exactly the same problem as you. Using Yahoo mail with push on my iPhone 3g. I've had the phone for almost a year and this function used to work perfectly earlier. I realized that it wasn't working a few days back while searching for an old mail.

    PLEASE let me know if you find a fix or if the Apple store has a solution, since I'm from India and we don't have a Genius bar at the apple stores out here !!

    As for your problem with Hotmail, I suggest you move to mBoxMail - available on the App store (I have) is the most convenient way to check hotmail on the iphone or Mac, although I should warn you that the developer is a little slow with his updates (no push notifications as yet!!)

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    Thank you so much for responding; it ***** to know someone is having the same problem, but in a weird way its comforting.

    I went to the genius bar today and they have never seen this problem before. So they suggested that do a complete restore and see what happens. I'm going to try that out as soon as I have a little free time. I'll let you know what the outcome is. If nothing works I think I'm just going to switch over to Gmail. They seem to be solid.

    Thanks again for the reply.

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    I have the same issue. Very frustrating......
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    Yeah I hope people at apple or yahoo figure this out because it's driving me crazy. Good luck to you man.
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    Thanks walkertr123. Do let me know what happens after the restore, will try it out myself if it works for you.

    The Gmail option makes sense but i've had my yahoo and hotmail accounts for over a decade and the task of informing all my contacts of a new email id sounds Impossible!!

    Also, is your iphone Jailbroken??

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    I will let you know if the restore solves the problem when I complete it.

    I'm in total agreement about swiching over to gmail, what a hassel but if I can't figure this out I might just do it.

    My phone by the way is NOT jailbroken, it's less than a month old.

    So I have a question for you; you have a yahoo account and a hotmail account? If you do I find that odd because those are the only providers I have as well and neither of them will, "Load more messages." On my hotmail acount the option isn't even there.

    Overall very frustrating. I'll keep you up to date. Thanks for the respones.

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    Yup, I've got yahoo and hotmail too. I considered switching from yahoo to gmail last year when I got my iPhone but since yahoo had push and gmail didn't I chose to stick on with yahoo.

    I setup hotmail (POP3) on the iPhone's native mail app today and tried to load more messages in the inbox; it worked perfectly well...downloaded 25 more messages! I suppose the problem then is either with yahoo's servers or is a compatibility issue between yahoo mail and on OS 3.0...

    But I would still suggest that u try the mboxmail app for hotmail. Inspite of not having push notifications it is a godsend since it lets u sync fully with hotmail (including folders)..much like u wud if hotmail had IMAP...

    Keep me posted.

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    Hey thanks again for getting back to me. I still have not restored my phone yet.

    But I have a question/mission for you if you don't mind. I was wondering if you could go into you hotmail account and make sure to read ALL of your messages in your entire inbox (I don't really mean to actually read them, just
    make them unread) Then back out to the home screen, load up your account again and see if the load more messages still works. The only reason I ask is because when I deleted and reloaded my hotmail account I could load more messages. But when I, "Read" all my messages, and tried to load more, it would not work. The option actually disappeared.

    If you can't check that's fine it's kinda complicated. Thanks for the help though.

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    I can imagine how frustrating it is to figure these bugs out but i'm sorry i've got over 500 messages in my inbox and the native mail app doesn't have a read all i really can't try out your little experiment.

    But once again, if your serious about using Hotmail on the iphone there is only one practical solution (trust me i've done all the research) - it's called 'mboxmail'.. The price for the app is a little steep at 10 dollars but they have a 50% sale every few months....

    Since, microsoft hotmail is known to use its own old technologies I don't see our problems on the iphone mail app disappearing any time soon!!

    As for yahoo mail i think i've given up!!
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    I have been having the same problem for a couple of weeks now, too. iPhone 3GS, Yahoo mail account. Nothing fixes this.

    Apple, someone needs to look into this and respond with an answer. It's obviously a recurring issue.
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    Well thanks for even considering Rahul, you have been helpful. I will look into the hotmail mbox thing, it sounds nice. Yeah and as for yahoo I have all but given up too. It seems like this is a bigger problem than I first thought, more and more people keep coming forward saying that their account's, "Load more messages" is not working either. I really hope someone from apple or yahoo looks into this. Best of luck to us all. (I still am gonna try a restore and see if that works; I'll keep you posted.)

    One question for everyone: does the, "Load more messages" feature work for people with gmail? Please if someone could do a quick check that would be very helpful.

    Thanks and peace.
  • walkertr123 Level 1 (0 points)
    I was really hoping this would get fixed in 3.1 but at least in hotmail it still does not work

    Apple please fix this.

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