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I am running XP home on my computer and have an air port extreme base station connected to it wired. I have no problem connecting to the internet yet more times then not the air port utility can not find the base station. On occasion it will find it but most of the time it can not. Rebooting does not help.

Windows XP
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    You should find a small button only something very small will fit into, get a pin or thin pen tip and press it, keep it in for a few seconds until the front light flashes alot faster. Then connect it directly through ethernet to your PC. If you wait a while you will pick it up on that or through wifi, keep checking your wifi though!

    Thats how i got mine set up
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    I'm having the same problem with the same set up as poster #1.

    As advised by poser #2, the base station will appear on the airport utility if connected via the internet WAN port, but this only allows set up.

    The problem is that when the aiprport extreme is connected normally .. ie the wan port is facing to the internet and the PC is connected to one of the ethernet ports, the base station is not visible.

    I've changed all the settings I can see, tried restarting everything on a number of occasions and still the base station is not visible, although everything is working including wireless and it can be configured using configure others.

    How can I make the airport utility automatically detect the base station in normal operation?
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    Same problem here. My devices are also "invisible"

    The only solution seems to be resetting the devices, which also doesn't help me. They remain invisible, I can only configure them by connection to their specific IP address.
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    If you open the Airport utility, you should be able to connect to any Airport device listed on the left, or by using the Airport's IP adres. You can connect to a device using the IP adres, by a function which you'll find in one of the pull-down menus in the start-up screen of teh Airport utility. (Can't check the exact name right now, sorry)
    Then, check your Firewall(s) and allow all Airport and Bonjour related things you can find. Worked for me
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    I have the same problem and have been quite frustrated for a while. It started when I changed my base station settings and Airport Utility on both my imac and macbook pro could not detect the base station. The internet connection was working fine. I tried restarting everything, connecting the computer to the base station through an ethernet connection, etc. None of it worked.

    The strange thing is that a friend brought their macbook pro over, and its Airport Utility could scan and find the base station. Anyway, I was messing around in Airport Utility, aimlessly trying to find solution, and was able to find my base station by going to File --> Configure other. I entered my router's IP address and password, and I can now access it using this method. If anyone has an idea why I am unable to detect it by scanning, feel free to share your advice.
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    I recently purchased one of the new Airport Extreme base stations and after carefully reading the instructions; I first installed the Airport Utility 5.5 that came on the CD onto my MacbookPro. I then connected the new base station to my macbookpro via Ethernet and power it up. I copied a previously saved configuration onto it. All my printers, IMAC and macbookpro were able to connect.

    I then used my older base station and my airport express to extend the N and G networks through the house. My problem was (1) the new Airport utility would consistently lose the older extreme base station and the airport express, (2) An my HP printers keep losing the wireless connection to the new airport extreme base station. The only resolve was to consistently restart the new base station, after which (1) the new airport utility would see the older base station and express again and (2) the wireless connection to the printers would be restored.

    After about a week of this, I removed the new Airport Extreme and replaced it with the older extreme (802.11N DRAFT) and de-installed the Airport Utility 5.5 and re-installed Airport Utility 5.4.2 and everything works fine.

    Has anyone else experienced any problems with the newly released Airport Extreme (fully 802.11N) base stations and Airport Utility 5.5?
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    same problem.

    when i boot into osx, the 5.4.2 utility for osx CAN see the airport extreme base station.

    when i boot into windows xp, the 5.4.2 utility for windows CANNOT see the airport extreme base station. even when i hit rescan. the kicker is that i am connected to the internet through wifi through the airport extreme base station. so wireless is working perfectly. it's the utility that is broken.
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    although the utility for osx 5.4.2 does pop up this warning when I try to configure the base station.

    "A newer version of AirPort Utility is required.

    This version of AirPort Utility doesn't support this Apple wireless device and might improperly configure the device if you continue to use it. Use the version of AirPort Utility that came on the CD with your Apple wireless device. Check www.apple.com/support/airport for the latest version of AirPort Utility."
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    dont forget that little button has to be pressed before you plug in your express and has to be held down while being plugged in for a full reset. I forgot how many seconds but you can look it up on this web