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Hello i just bought a time capsule and i am trying am using it as a router. I am trying to use Shakespeer
that is like a server where you share files within the University,it runs with Dtella. However, when y try to get online a message tells me that the firewall of the router is blocking the UDP ports needed....how do i unblock those UDP ports so i can get online?

Here is the message:
In order for Dtella to communicate properly, it needs to receive UDP traffic
[19:14] <*Dtella> from the Internet. Dtella is currently listening on UDP port 4000, but the
[19:14] <*Dtella> packets appear to be getting blocked, most likely by a firewall or a router. If
[19:14] <*Dtella> this is the case, then you will have to configure your firewall or router to
[19:14] <*Dtella> allow UDP traffic through on this port. You may tell Dtella to use a different
[19:14] <*Dtella> port from now on by typing !UDP followed by a number.

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    Hello albertoPeralta. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

    To open ports on the Time Capsule, you would use the AirPort Utility to configure Port Mapping.

    AEBSn - Port Mapping Setup
    To setup port mapping on an 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBSn), either connect to the AEBSn's wireless network or temporarily connect directly, using an Ethernet cable, to one of the LAN port of the AEBSn, and then use the AirPort Utility, in Manual Setup, to make these settings:

    1. Reserve a DHCP-provided IP address for the Shakespeer host device.
    Internet > DHCP tab
    o On the DHCP tab, click the "+" (Add) button to enter DHCP Reservations.
    o Description: <enter the desired description of the host device>
    o Reserve address by: MAC Address
    o Click Continue.
    o MAC Address: <enter the MAC (what Apple calls Ethernet ID if you are using wired or AirPort ID if wireless) hardware address of the host computer>
    o IPv4 Address: <enter the desired IP address>
    o Click Done.

    2. Setup Port Mapping on the AEBSn.
    Advanced > Port Mapping tab
    o Click the "+" (Add) button
    o Public UDP Port(s): 4000
    o Private IP Address: <enter the IP address of the host server>
    o Private UDP Port(s): 4000
    o Click "Continue"
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    Thanks a lot , that fixed my problemn instantly.

    I have another doubt though. Do you know by any chance how can i work simultaneously with my ethernet port and wireless port. Sometimes i would like to download really fast so i would rather connect the ethernet cord directly to the computer instead of using the time capsule as a router, but i would like the time capsule to work at the same time as a wireless hard drive. Every time y try to do it, it tries to connect through the wireless port and it wont let me connect through the ethernet port.

    Thank you very much.
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    Do you know by any chance how can i work simultaneously with my ethernet port and wireless port.

    One option would be to create multiple network Locations within System Preferences > Network, with one having Ethernet as the primary connection and the other, having the AirPort