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Here are the facts. I converted an .avi into an MPEG-4 so I could import/edit it with imovie '08. Both, the original .avi and the converted MPEG-4 play fine in quicktime.

In imovie, file>import movies the converted MPEG-4 is there, however, the file name is opaque/gray (ie not selectable/unsupported)?

Interestingly, if in imovie file>import movies and I navigate to where the original .avi is, imovie recognizes it as a movie file and even lets me import it, but since .avi's are unsupported it's useless.

So, why can't I import my MPEG-4 into imovie '08?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Apparently, although the program I was using was outputting in a .m4v format it was using an unsupported codec to do it.

    The solution was to get a different free program called MPEG Streamclip (as well as a plugin for QuickTime called Perian). Easy install, and after which my problem was solved.

    Hope that helps someone.