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Ed Mcknew Level 1 (0 points)
We're very disappointed with the way 10.6 has worked out in our office. We have an HP Laserjet connected to our Airport Extreme router, and none of our three office computers can find it on the network. We also have an HP Deskjet 4180 printer/scanner connected to our main computer (a USB connection) and that won't work either because the HP printer software keeps crashing. Now we're faced with having no printers tomorrow -- very bad news indeed. How could Apple release this update without getting it right? Is it possible to somehow uninstall 10.6?
  • baltwo Level 9 (62,215 points)
    Start with

    As for uninstalling, reinstall the bootable backup/clone or Time Machine backup you made for each machine before installing the upgrade. What? Don't have any? Then, get a bootable, external HD (preferably FireWire, since it's 40-50% faster than USB 2 and designed for data transfers) for each machine, make a bootable backup/clone before updating/upgrading, and ensure that it's bootable and works like the original. That allows you to revert to the previous good state without having to reinstall anything. See these for details:

    If you only have a Time Machine backup, insure that you can reliably restore it to another disk/volume/partition before updating/upgrading.
  • Barry Hemphill Level 8 (37,327 points)
    Hello ED:

    Is it possible to somehow uninstall 10.6?

    Yes, by restoring the system from a backup.

    However, if you want to try to fix the problem, delete the printer and then add it back.

  • Ed Mcknew Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks, Barry, but deleting the printer and then reinstalling didn't work.
  • Ed Mcknew Level 1 (0 points)
    This is turning into a mini-nightmare for our small business. Since 10.6 won't recognize either of our HP printers, I see no alternative but to visit Best Buy tomorrow morning and purchase a new printer, hopefully one that 10.6 will recognize. Believe me, if I had know 10.6 wasn't ready to for use with older printers I sure as **** would have passed this update up, at least for now. What a headache!
  • JupiterGPL Level 1 (5 points)
    I also have an HP 4180 that will not print either.... I try to re-install it and it says that the software is not found.

    The strange thing is that I am able to use the scanner via the preview program. So the scanner part works, but the printer driver does not.
  • Ed Mcknew Level 1 (0 points)
    I just read where a printer may not be recognized unless it's directly connected to one of out Macs. So I disconnected our HP LaserJet 4050n from our Airport Extreme router and connected it (via ethernet) directly to the computer. Nothing doing; when I try to "Add Printer", nothing happens. Obviously the computer does not recognize the 4050n at all. I think we're at a dead end here. We'll have to dump our older HP printers and update to a couple of newer units immediately. Not the end of the world, of course, but a real let down for us. I think my confidence in future Apple updates has taken a big hit. To me, 10.6 is not ready for prime time.
  • pao1250 Level 1 (30 points)
    I am having the same problem with my Officejet 7319 network printer. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and still no dice. Suggestions anyone?
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    No Go on the Officejet 4315 either . Seems to be an HP thing. My Mac recognizes the printer, just says no driver. Hoping it will be cleared up in the next few hours. So much for jumping in head first. Next time I will wait to see how it works out for a others before I disable my whole system with the next new thing.
  • Barry Hemphill Level 8 (37,327 points)
    Hello maggie:

    Did you try my suggestion above? My Hp printer decided (after the OS X 10.6 update) to only print the last page of multi-page documents. Deleting it, restarting, and then adding the printer back fixed my issue.


    P.S. Waiting a bit is not a bad idea. A few of us enjoy dodging arrows (or pulling them out of our backs), but looking at these forums for a couple of days before making a major update is not a bad idea

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  • Ham Level 2 (175 points)
    Ed: The HP 4050n can be setup using an IP address. Force the printer to print a config page. Then see the outline here:

    Basically: System Pref: Print & Fax: Add Printer: IP
    Then enter your IP address and select JetDirect. Then Pick the 4050 PPD file.
  • HP Mac Architect Level 3 (530 points)
    The HP Deskjet F4100 series drivers (which work with the Deskjet F4180) are not included on the Snow Leopard DVD. Expect them to be available at some point in the future through and Apple Software Update. In the mean time if you have already upgraded all of your machines to 10.6 you may want to try installing the 10.5 software form Its officially unsupported, some features will be missing or broken, but it might (and remember only might) work.

    Just trying to help.

  • HP Mac Architect Level 3 (530 points)
    Drivers for the HP Laserjet 4050N are included on the Snow Leopard DVD. If the Mac is not recognizing the printer, first try resetting the print system and adding the queue back. If that still doesn't work try re-installing the HP driver package which can be downloaded here.

    Just trying to help.

  • JupiterGPL Level 1 (5 points)
    If the HP Deskjet F4100 series is not included on the Snow Leopard DVD, then why is it listed as supported on the HP website? &jumpid=regR1002USEN

    Here is the exact text from the HP site:

    HP Photosmart, Officejet, and Deskjet All-in-One models supported in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (Print, Scan, Fax, and HP Utility Functionality)

    * HP Deskjet F300 series
    * HP Deskjet F735
    * HP Deskjet F2100 series
    * HP Deskjet F2200 series
    * HP Deskjet F2400 series
    * HP Deskjet F2500 series
    * *HP Deskjet F4100 series*
    * HP Deskjet F4200 series
    * HP Deskjet F4400 series
    * HP Deskjet F4500 series
  • HP Mac Architect Level 3 (530 points)
    The Officejet 7300 series drivers are included with the Snow Leopard DVD. Try deleting and re-adding the print queue for the device. If everything is working right both a print and scan tab should show up for the device. If that is not the cast try re-installing the software. You can download the same software that came on the DVD here.

    Just trying to help.

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