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Tested Screen capture. There are options for sound but not system sound. So lets say I play a game...can t record sound. If itunes plays in the background...no sound being recorded.

If it me or is this is something that should be there? You play a quicktime movie on your destktop, its has a soundtrack but the screen recap will only record the sreen and not the system sound? sounds a bit dumb to me or am I doing it wrong. I tested it with all the options presented and neither times were able to record the system sound. Any reason why ONLY sound input is available?
  • Foxone Level 2 Level 2
    Bumping this because this is a problem. Are we supposed to only be making captures of screen with line inputs and not system sounds? Was this a ret@rded way to stop people from recording their screen when watching DVDs?

    Well I don t really care but I need to be able to capture sound so what? I need to plug my output with a cable into the input jack to get it? Isn t that arse backward?

    If I need to record a web presentation how on earth do I grab the audio.

    This new Quicktime X looks really like a disaster, who on earth is in charge of the project? You crippled the core of the audio/video editing for all of us and give us tools that now only do half the work.

    Why on earth can t I record system sound with full screen capture? I wan t a logical answer

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    I am having a similar problem.

    Using Logic Pro, I cannot route the audio into my screen capture.
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    I m having the same problem with quicktime X no sound being recorded to the video I make
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    Just to make sure this is explained correctly. QTX only allows the capture of a microphone plugged in or an input source. If I am watching a training video online and need to record it I am unable because there is no option to grab the system sound.
    How come?