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ThingFish Level 1 Level 1
Reading all the reports about SL here on this forum and on other forums I get the idea that most people are having all sorts of problems with it. Overheating CPU's and all other kinds of weird behaviour. I received my SL in the the mail today but have decided to wait with the installation until there's a stable upgrade.
I'd rather keep on running nice and trouble free on Leopard 10.5.8

Macmini 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB Ram, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
Reply by R C-R on Aug 29, 2009 8:37 AM Helpful
ThingFish wrote:Well I'm glad to hear that my worries are unfounded then. It's these 2 threads on this forum that got me all worried....ThingFish, if you let a few threads about an update or upgrade problems worry you over much, you will never install any of them! You may even end up worrying that whatever version you have installed is a ticking time bomb soon to blow up your Mac!Why? Because some number of users will always have problems after any update or upgrade, immediately jump to the conclusion that it was the cause, & post dire warnings that it should be avoided, it is the worst ever, etc. But that kind of thinking contains a logical fallacy: "after" does not necessarily mean "because of".Usually, the cause of the problem is something else & the update/upgrade just reveals it. The most common causes are hardware problems (especially with added on memory modules), hacks & other modifications to the OS that in effect make it a different one from what Apple supports, & (probably the most common) corruption of the hard drive's filing system that results in OS & other files being mangled as they are installed or updated.But occasionally, there really is a flaw that can be traced to the update/upgrade itself, one that might affect you. So how do you tell the difference?First of all, read the posts critically. How specific are they? Do they give any details about the Mac, what is installed on it, or any history of other problems? Do the posters seem knowledgeable? Do they use precise terminology or vague phrases like "it killed my Mac"? Do they seem more interested in finding a solution or in ranting?Follow the thread for a while. Do you see posts from other users saying they had no problems? Do you see "me too" posts that confuse unrelated symptoms with whatever the topic is about? Check the user rating (the blue bars under the poster's alias) to get a rough idea of the expertise of those saying whatever they are saying about the issue. Do posts link to useful, pertinent articles, especially from Apple or respected third party sources? Do those involved seem open minded about alternate explanations, provide asked for supplemental info, & willing to try troubleshooting suggestions; or do they seem resistant to anything that doesn't support the idea that the new software is at fault?None of these things by themselves will tell you much. But together they are a pretty good indicator of how worried you should be that there is a serious flaw in the new software vs. something that is mistaken for one.

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  • cecemf Level 1 Level 1
    this forum is made for people with issues so it's normal that all poste a negatif, I install 10.6 on 3 different mac and no issue at all !!!

    Mostly issue are coming fron uncompatible plug in software etc... not snow leopard ! and people should hvae check that they are compatible first !
  • ThingFish Level 1 Level 1
    Well I read a lot of different stuff that has nothing to do with 3rd party appications. Stuff like installation filing and the Mac just shutting down seemingly dead and not being able to restart.
    Seems to me like the risk is too great of having my Mac die on me if I try to install SL
  • Lazarus Long Level 2 Level 2
    Nothing but a coupe of minor annoyances. Not even close to a disaster!
  • thomas_r. Level 7 Level 7
    Apple Watch
    This kind of thing can happen with any minor system update, too... and you'll see a flurry of such posts following each and every single one. There hasn't been a minor update that hasn't had a bunch of people complaining that it ruined their computer. In almost all cases, there was something wrong with the computer to start with.

    Unless you're using software known not to be compatible with Snow Leopard, and as long as you have at least two good backups, there's no reason not to go ahead and install Snow Leopard.
  • Noiseboy2006 Level 3 Level 3
    ThingFish wrote:
    Reading all the reports about SL here on this forum and on other forums I get the idea that most people are having all sorts of problems with it. Overheating CPU's and all other kinds of weird behaviour. I received my SL in the the mail today but have decided to wait with the installation until there's a stable upgrade.
    I'd rather keep on running nice and trouble free on Leopard 10.5.8

    We hear this every time a new OS comes along. I've been using Snow Leopard since June and I've had no major problems, even with the various beta builds.

    Pop into your local hospital and you'll see lots of sick people but it doesn't mean everyone in the world is dying.
  • WiseJD Level 4 Level 4
    I installed S.L. last night after having to go to FedX at 9:00pm because Apple required a non-direct signature. The box it came in was at least 5 times bigger than it needed to be. In any event I installed it right away, and in less than an hour it was running with no issues. I have used many of my applications and utilities this morning with no known issues.
  • Lewisb1 Level 3 Level 3
    I installed it last night. Took about 45 minutes. No hitches, blips or snags.

    I am pleased so far. I do notice an increase in speed, which is nice. As for anything else, all the same.
  • Tamara Level 6 Level 6
    Like Thomas said, you see this every time an update comes out or even a minor patch. Most people have no issues whatsoever if they do a little prep work.

    Prior to any update/new OS, I always do a backup to an external source, repair disk permissions and make sure that my machine is running properly. So far, every install has been flawless for me.
  • mgsylvestre Level 1 Level 1
    I beg to differ.

    I never upgraded an OS so fast with so few problems. In fact, the only problem I have is that I can't get a Canon MX860 printer to work over a network yet, it has to be connected via USB (all other printers are ok and work over the network).

    The whole procedure took less than an hour per computer (obviously excluding the time necessary to do full backups).

    I upgraded from xp to Vista in another life. The "upgrade" took me more than half a day. Many things did not work properly after the upgrade. It took me months to recover thereafter and the whole process was incredibly frustrating, not to mention the cost of changing some components and the inordinate amount of time wasted. I had been unhappy and tired of wasting my time with Windows for a long period and this incident was one of the key elements which prompted me to switch.
  • Randy Pozzi Level 2 Level 2
    No major disaster at all! I installed SL on one 2008 iMac and two 2008 Macbook Pros. Relatively fast install. SL printed wirelessly to my HP 2300 printer. SL printed wired to both my HP 3600 printers. The only issue I had was Weatherbug Lite disappeared off my toolbar and I reinstalled it. But, like most pros tell you, backup the old before installing the new.

  • robbysoul Level 1 Level 1
    ThingFish, please first Install your SL DVD and then come back here and let us know your opinion.
  • Digital Dude Level 4 Level 4
    I’ve been using Macs since the very beginning in 1984 and I have always jumped right in. Granted, I haven’t always had a back up until the past few years and I have paid the price. These days, I wouldn’t attempt any significant update without two copies. So, if you don’t have a back up solution then I highly recommend you get one. You’ll be glad you did.
  • svaccarezza Level 1 Level 1
    Ditto the above. I installed SL in 45 min. It practically installed itself. No issues. Runs faster than before.
  • FLHRCI02 Level 1 Level 1
    My 1st install of family pack on my 2008 iMac froze during reboot. Had to turn off mac from power switch, then restart. Rest of install went OK. Seems to run much faster, especially Safari. Tried to start and run all my software and only saw one problem with Indigo 4, which vendor recognized already and is working on fix. This morning the mouse worked but keyboard did not - odd. Had to shut down and restart mac - like Windows!

    Installed on second mac, a 2008 white Macbook. No install problems. This my daughters mac, so we have parental controls turned on. Noticed that the parental control settings were all changed after upgrade. Reset them and checked it out. The Jabber window in iChat will not stay open and is not a choice on Window menu. She will use Gtalk over safari until resolved by Apple.

    Now on to a 2008 Macbook Air - the wife's. If this one goes bad I'm in trouble.
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