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Mail 3.0 is acting strangely on a 10.5.5 machine. I cannot create a new email. When I try, I can enter to "to" address but cannot tab or click to other fields. I can save this as a draft. Additionally, I cannot reply to emails. I receive email just fine. This just started.

I've run DiskUtility, restarted, and have deleted my account settings. When I tried to recreate my account settings (ATT pop account) I cannot get past the screen where Mail tests the outgoing SMTP settings.

For the short term, I have installed Thunderbird. It is working fine. But I would like to know how to fix Mail. If nothing short of an archive and reinstall is the way to go, I'll do that and bring 10.5.5 up to 10.5.8

Macbook Pro 17" C2D 2.6GHz 200Gb @7200rpm - 4Gb Ram - 1920x1600, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Powerbook G4 17" 1.3GHz 80Gb (10.5.6)
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    If Mail is in fact version 3.0, and you are running 10.5.5, then it is the wrong Mail version for that. And that would explain the behaviors you are experiencing.

    Is the Mail app properly in the Applications folder, never renamed nor put into another folder within that? Something has resulted either in this Mail app not getting updated as you updated the OS, or there are more than one copy of Mail on your Mac. Use Spotlight to check for other copies.