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My wife's iMac isn't recognizing her (new to her) coolpix S60. I've tried to transfer photos w/ and without the Nikon Transfer software that came bundled w/ the camera but the source camera doesn't mount. This is the first time we've

She's using OSX 10.5.8 and iPhoto 6.06.

1. Might upgrading her to iPhoto 8.01 help? (I'm using iPhoto 8.1 and the camera won't show up for me either so that probably answers that question).

2. Should I just wait and deal w/ this until I upgrade her to 10.6 next week?

3. Does she need the Nikon Transfer software installed for the camera to be recognized?

Dual 2.66 MacPro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 6 GB Ram
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    No she doesn’t need the Nikon software.

    The fact that the camera does not show up on either machine suggests the problem is a setting on the camera.

    Have you tried using a USB Card Reader?


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    First thing to check is to see if the Mac even sees the camera. Plug in the camera then go to the Apple menu and use the "About this Mac" option, go to More Info... then check the USB bus to see what is attached. If the camera does not list there, then the Mac doesn't see the camera at all. In which case you have a problem somewhere else (USB port, cable, or camera).

    One check is to turn off the computer and remove the power cord from the wall for a minute, then plug it back in and restart the Mac. This will make sure the USB ports are reset (you HAVE to unplug it from the wall) in case the USB bus has gone wonky on you.

    Second check is to plug the camera and cable into ANOTHER computer and see if it is seen there. This will help determine if you have a camera or cable issue. If the USB cable is a standard USB cable, then try a different cable.

    Third, check the menus of the camera for how it acts when plugged into USB. Some cameras have options to connect as a mass storage device OR to set up as a picture bridge device or some other configuration which will make the camera NOT talk to the computer like you expect.

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    You could try image capture (in your applications folder) but it sounds like a hardware issue - bad USB cable - incorrect setting on the camera - bad USB port on the camera

    Read the Nikon manual

    connect the camera and while it is connected look through the camera menus and see if there is a setting you can change that cures this

    Try a USB card reader

    call Nikon support

    I think it is unlikely that upgrading to Snow Leopard will resolve this

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    I am having the same problem since I updated to Snow Leopard last night. Worked perfectly before the upgrade - now nothing. Doesn't recognize it and can't transfer photos. SO frustrating.
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    I finally gave up w/ Nikon support and got a USB card reader. Everything works fine now using iPhoto.

    Nikon support ended up being a huge waste of time to deal with. The card reader was about $30.
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    rt2 wrote:
    Nikon support ended up being a huge waste of time to deal with. The card reader was about $30.

    And I am sure Nikon probably told you it was Apple and call them. For whatever it is worth, if you then called Apple, they would blame Nikon and to call them.

    The customer service world these days is sooo much fun!