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I have an iPod classic 80GB that i have had for about a year and a half , a week ago i plugged my iPod into my PC and it wouldn't show up in iTunes even though it still showed up in 'My Computer', Is there anything i can do to fix this problem?

Windows XP
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    Hello Dr. Funkenstein,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Have you had a chance to work through the troubleshooting solutions provided in this Apple support document? If not, it is a good place to start. Hope it helps.

    [iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1363]

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    i am having the same problem i i have the same ipod 80gb and as i plug it in it says that its connected and do not disconnect and a second later it say disconnecting ok to disconnect.
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    Yeah i've already tried "iPod shows up in Windows but not in iTunes"
    but it still wouldn't work,when it starts up it makes a dodgy clicking sound over and over,does that mean the iPod needs to be repaired?
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    Hmm. Have you been able to try it on a different computer?

    Otherwise, yes, it sounds like your iPod's hard drive is failing and will need to be replaced. There are several third party businesses out there that offer replacement parts as well as the service to replace them. Just do a simple Google search for "iPod replacement parts" and you should receive a plethora of sites that can help you.

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    'Fraid I haven't got anything constructive to contribute to the subject in hand, I simply feel the need to respond to Dr. Funkenstein!

    Are you real Dr. Funkenstein , or one of "The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein"?

    the fiend
    P.S. good luck with the post though.
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    Sadly im a Dr. Funkenstein clone but i still enjoy listening to funk ad i don't take any drugs. On a serious matter i did try the iPod on another PC just before it refused to appear in itunes, it was slow and took ages to load so im not gonna try again, i think i'll have to take it to a service centre.
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    I wanted to add some stuff I had downloaded from a CD I have purchased to my iPOd from my 2008 MacBook. Your help box says this happens automatically, but I have an older 40 G ipod and there is no sign that this has happened. That's the trouble with all the fancy new updates. There used to be a simple button that instructed the machines to link.

    Meanwhile, what do I do?
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    serious issue...ok so i plug in my 80gb ipod classic to my pc and i leave it there first it doesn't appear in itunes and second my computer restarts and then gives me something called "blue screen error" i have no idea whats going on plz help im dying without music cant dance with my crew without it help please
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    Your running windows right? well i fixed mine by simply connecting to a macintosh computer. Im not an expert or anything just from my experiences mac has worked a whole lot better for me. Hope this helps.