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I created a document in "Word Processing" mode, and now I realize that it would have been better to have it in "Page Layout". I've tried copying and pasting pages, it doesn't work. Is there any way to easily transfer my "word processing" document to a "page layout" format??

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    Most of what you can do in PageLayout mode you can do in WordProcessing mode too, but not vice versa.
    What is the reason to transfer it to Page Layout? Maybe you don't need it, you might only use some other functions.
    It can be transfer but not to easily in my view. We have lately had discussions about this but sadly I can't find the threads.
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    No specific tool.

    There is no text layer in Word processing mode.
    Copy the text content of one page,
    paste it in a page of a PL document
    You will get a text box containing the text.
    Resize it to display the entire chunk of text.

    May you explain what would be better in Page Layout format ?

    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) dimanche 30 août 2009 15:46:04
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    There's no automatic transfer, as has been said here. I would do the transfer by creating my Page Layout parallel to my existing document so that when I am ready to move the text over I can let the new design dictate the flow. Your existing WP document is a handy store for the elements that you will be using in your new document; just have both documents open on your desktop and copy the elements as you need them.

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    I had hoped to paste page thumbnails from WP to PL- which alas doesn't work. If I must copy the elements manually ... so be it.

    Thanks to everyone that responded.

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    Have a look at this thread:


    The methods can be similar in whichever direction you are converting. Unfortunately there is no magic button to push to do it and it is a totally unnecessary complication IMHO.

    As stated above think about why you want to switch. Word Processing mode is actually the more capable of the 2 modes and has more of the DTP features in my view.