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I've been trying to install Snow Leopard on my 2.8Ghz MacbookPro unibody (late 2008) with 6GB of RAM (4GB+2GB module).

At first, I did an upgrade of my existing Leopard drive, and when booting back in 10.6, everything was crashing (could not open a single web browser but Safari, for instance), and I was getting kernel panics each 10 minutes.

Then, I erased my boot disk and tried a clean install - I was getting kernel panics when installing! After 5 tries, it finally installed, and then I couldn't get through the welcome wizard the first time it boots.

So I removed the 4GB RAM module, and re-installed a 2GB one, and then everything was fine, not a single problem.

Take into consideration that that 4GB ram module was working perfectly under 10.5.8 (even while using the computer under a lot of stress) and passed all the hardware test.

Has anyone been successful at running Snow Leopard 10.6 on a late 2008 Macbook Pro unibody and 6GB of RAM?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6), Macbook Pro unibody 6GB RAM kernel panic
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