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This question differs from, but is related to subscribing to podcasts (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2124335&tstart).

Rather than subscribing to a podcast, I just want to download a story http://transmissionsfrombeyond.com/podpresstrac/web/121/0/TFB_020TheWatersOfMeribah.mp3, hosted at http://transmissionsfrombeyond.com/2009/08/transmission20. I did File->AddFileToLibrary. The dialogue box that came up was pointing at a temporary internet file folder. For the file name, I provided the URL above, but all that happened was that it downloaded 2 files into the temporary internet file folder:

Why are there 2 parts?

I tried to drag them to the iTunes Podcasts area, then try to drag it to the Podcast entry in the navigation panel along the left. Neither action resulted in the appearance of the files in iTunes.

I tried to find where iTunes stores its files. It seems to be at "My Documents\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music", though the folder structure in no way mirrors the 6 iTunes libraries (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Applications, Radio). Previously suscribed podcasts had corresponding folders in the Podcasts subfolder, but there were no subfolders for the other five libraries.

I dragged the two mp3's into the Podcasts subfolder, but it didn't show up in iTunes. I then emulated the previously subscribed podcasts by creating a TheWatersOfMeribah folder within the Podcasts subfolder, then dragged the mp3's into that folder. Again, no joy.

Surely, I doing something very wrong. What is the way to download mp3's into one's iPod Touch?

HP, Windows XP Pro
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    There aren't two parts. You've downloaded the same file twice. That's what the numbers in the brackets mean.

    Only podcasts downloaded through subscription in iTunes will show up as podcasts. There are scripts for Macs that will change the hidden attributed on regular mp3s but I don't know of any for Windows.

    You just add the files to iTunes the way you would any other mp3, either by dragging to the iTunes app or by using File>Add to library.
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    Yes, I agree that what you described is the most natural way that on would expect the program to be written...doesn't seem to be working for me though (either of your two ways). In addition to the various ways I tried, I also tried dragging it into the Music Library, no Joy. Perhaps it's different in Windows?
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    It shouldn't be different. Have you tried double clicking on the files? Have you tried opening the files in WMP? It could be that there is something wrong with the files themselves.

    If you subscribe to the podcast, you can delete any episodes you don't want, turn the subscription on or of as you please. Subscribing might solve a lot of your problems. Just a thought.

    Best of luck.
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    That's the thing, it's not a subscription podcast. It's just an mp3 file. Entering a URL as worked for subscription podcasts, but hasn't worked for the URL of the mp3 file.

    Just now, I tried something different. Rather than supplying the URL, I downloaded the file first. Then I selected the Music Library and did AddFileToLibrary and browsed to the file. Still no Joy.

    I did what you suggested and double-clicked the file. ITunes does play it (shows the equalizer), but it doesn't show up in the Libraries.

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    Sorry, I got nothin'.... Maybe someone else will know more.
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    Thanks anyway. I appreciate your attempt to help.
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    Apple rejects my alias wrote:
    That's the thing, it's not a subscription podcast. It's just an mp3 file. Entering a URL as worked for subscription podcasts, but hasn't worked for the URL of the mp3 file.

    No, it won't!

    I've checked the links you provided and the problem is - they are not Podcasts (as you noted), despite what the text on the page says. In order to get these programmes into the Podcast section of iTunes, they must be downloaded _as Podcasts._ So why not get the Podcast?

    First, let's get the Podcast, then I'll explain what the problem has been.

    To actually get the Podcast; on the pages you linked, look for and click on the *iTunes/1 click* button, just above the donate button. You may get a dialogue box appear that says "This link needs to open an application. Send to:" and one of the choices should be iTunes - choose it. That step may be skipped and you may go straight to iTunes.

    When iTunes does open, it should go to the *iTunes Store/Podcasts/.../Transmissions From Beyond* page, where you can select individual episodes or subscribe to the complete series. Make your choice. The advantage of subscribing is that iTunes will then do all the work of finding new episodes, downloading them and syncing them to your iPod.

    An alternative is to search in the iTunes Store for "Transmissions From Beyond" which will find the Podcast. I've just done this, so I know it works!

    Now, what was the problem?
    On the pages you linked to, the authors keep referring to everything as a Podcast, but an mp3 file _is only a Podcast_ if it's downloaded through a "Podcast catcher", such as iTunes. This whole process then keeps track of new episodes and can also automate the removal of an episode that you have listened to if you wish. (See the options in the Podcast tab of your iPod when you connect it to iTunes.)

    If you download the mp3 files as you did, they are simply mp3 files, which will end up in the music section of your library, perhaps with a genre of Podcast. (To be a Podcast, the file needs to have a *Media Kind* of Podcast, not the genre. A Podcast can have any genre, speech, music, drama etc.)

    As you have seen, even the content providers are mis-informed about what a Podcast is.

    By the way, when you tried "entering the URL" - iTunes will only recognise valid *Podcast Feed URLs,* but not the location of an mp3 file. The enter URL option is useful if you have the *Podcast Feed* of a Podcast that is not listed in the iTunes Store.

    Finally, in fact you have downloaded the mp3 file _three times._
    The first time as TFB020TheWatersOfMeribah.mp3,
    the second time as TFB020TheWatersOfMeribah[1].mp3,
    and a third time as TFB020TheWatersOfMeribah[2].mp3


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    Thanks, fiend. That is such an insidious ambiguity. Even CBC makes that mistake, but your suggestion that downloaded mp3's end up the Music library was correct.