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Kel Solaar Level 1 Level 1
I upgraded to Snow Leopard yesterday, and I'm having a lot of troubles, Finde, Time Machine and Disk Utility being the most annoying of them. I don't really know which one of them is making the others unstable / crash but well that's starting to be very irritating, now when I try to start the Finder I get this :

*The application can't be opened.*

Restarting the Computer ( Mac Book Pro Uni ) usually fix that, but it's the second time that it's crashing a 220 go files package copy. I ended up doing it with rsync, the copy is still going on ( it will take a long time ) but I'm left with a Zombie Computer where I can't open a finder, and every Application that use it to open some file is crashing itself.

Is there a way to manually relaunch it ( I don't want to reboot, my computer is stuck backing up a lot of files ) ? I tried Sudo Launch the Finder from /System/Library/CoreServices/ with no luck, any help would be appreciated.


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Mac OS X (10.6)
  • willdenow Level 1 Level 1
    This message seems to be new to SL. I've had plenty of Finder crashes in Leopard, and never once recall seeing it.

    This has happened to me twice on my MacBook Pro 13". If Finder crashes, you will get this error message under SL if you try and reinitiate Finder after a crash or a force quit and before Finder fully recovers. This can take some time. I've had to wait upwards of a minute or more. On one occasion, I hard to compel a hard restart, but I don't like to do this unless absolutely necessary because it can corrupt any application and/or data files that are open and active at the moment of the restart.
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10
    HI Kel and Welcome to Apple Discussions...

    How much free disk space?

    Right or control click the MacintoshHD icon. Click Get Info. In the Get Info window you will see Capacity and Available. Make sure you always have a minimum of 10% to 15% free disk space at all times.

    Have you tried deleting preferences files? If not..

    You can find these files here:

    /Users/YourName/Library/Preferences. Drag those files to the Trash, empty the Trash and restart your Mac.

  • Kel Solaar Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the reply

    The disk space is ok ( Remember I can't access the finder, so I'm stuck on Terminal ) :

    *Filesystem 512-blocks Used Available Capacity Mounted on*
    */dev/disk0s2 624470624 262051904 361906720 42% /*

    and I would like to avoid if possible to reboot because I have a rsync backup running since 10 hours, I don't want to start again.

    I checked the Processes a bit and something interesting is that I have a lot of processes with a TTY set to ?? and I don't really know what that mean.

    *1086 ?? 0:00.00 (Finder)*
    *1102 ?? 0:00.00 (Finder)*
    *1109 ?? 0:02.81 /System/Library/CoreServices/*
    *1224 ?? 0:00.00 (TextMate)*
    *1242 ?? 0:00.11 /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/Metadata.framework /Versions/A/Support/mdworker MDSImporterWorker*
    *1244 ?? 0:00.03 /usr/sbin/cupsd -l*
    *321 ttys000 0:00.02 login -pf KelSolaar*
    *322 ttys000 0:00.04 -bash*
    *399 ttys000 8:10.55 rsync -avh MyDatas/ ../Data-1/MyDatas/*
    *401 ttys000 0:07.37 rsync -avh MyDatas/ ../Data-1/MyDatas/*
    *402 ttys000 11:17.09 rsync -avh MyDatas/ ../Data-1/MyDatas/*
    *1149 ttys001 0:00.02 login -pf KelSolaar*
    *1150 ttys001 0:00.05 -bash*
    *1245 ttys001 0:00.00 ps -ax*
    *1229 ttys002 0:00.02 login -pf KelSolaar*
    *1230 ttys002 0:00.02 -bash*

    A Top sorted by State shows Launchd as stuck, it's maybe related, I don't know

    Here is the output ( I truncated a lot of the columns and processes so it's readable ) :

    *26 mds 0.0 00:45.02 5 stuck*
    *1 launchd 0.0 00:22.01 3 stuck*
    *1244 cupsd 0.0 00:00.03 3 sleeping*

  • Two Weims Level 1 Level 1
    I am having the same problem. I get the "The Application Finder can't be opened -10810" Message after working with files that are located on a Drobo connected to a DroboShare on my network. Everything works fine for a while. Then, for no apparent reason, the Finder gives me an error message about not having permission to save the current file that I am working on. Then the beachball starts spinning and never stops. If I try to relaunch the Finder I get the error message above.

    This only happens while working with files on the Drobo and it has only started since I upgraded to Snow Leopard. My Boot Drive is less than 50% Full and both the Drobo and the DroboShare have the latest Firmware installed.

    Since the Drobo uses SMB, my suspicion is that there is something wrong with the Snow Leopard implementation of Samba. That is where I am heading with further investigation.
  • Gavin Fourie Level 1 Level 1
    I'm having the same problem. For me it happens when ejecting an external hard disk fails and after clicking relaunch Finder I get the error message and Finder won't restart.

    I tried accessing the filesystem from firefox (to see if that would prompt a relaunch of Finder) and crashed firefox. Which I thought had crashed my system but after a minute or two while it all came back up with finder working, sort of.

    Finder listed my Time Machine backup drive under devices but not the other partitions on this drive. Using the eject all function on this drive caused Finder to crash in the first place. So I tried to eject this Time Machine disk and Finder tells me it is in use but gives me the option to force eject which I chose and am told that it has been ejected even though it is still listed under Devices and I can still move through the file system on this drive.
  • Asylum119 Level 1 Level 1
    If i can not open finder and have no desktop icons, how do i get to the files to delete them.

    This has crippled my mac

    Need help
  • RRReed Level 1 Level 1
    I'm seeing the same problem with a ReadyNAS Duo (latest firmware). It usually occurs after I've tried to dismount a share by dragging it to the trash, and had the Finder lock up. After force quitting the Finder, I get the -10810 error and can't relaunch it until I reboot.
  • Izzard-UK Level 1 Level 1
    I got the same error just now. I'm not too concerned as I sort of caused it myself - but I'll explain my environment as it might help get this fixed.

    I use Time Machine to backup to an iSCSI target on my network. It is simply a PC in my garage running Ubuntu with one drive exposed as a target. My Snow Leopard iMac connects to it using GlobalSAN iSCSI Initiator: I formatted it as Mac OS Extended and off I went. This works brilliantly as a Time Machine backup solution.

    I caused this error just now because I restarted the Ubuntu machine while I was browsing the Time Machine drive with Finder. (That's a bit unfair to Finder as, unlike a USB external drive, it's not going to know I've disconnect what it was looking at.) Finder locked up (beachball) and I got the above error after Force Quitting it and trying to launch it again. Once I had told GlobalSAN iSCSI Initiator to drop the failing connection, Finder was able to start just fine.

    Before I upgraded from Leopard I was using the same method to backup to an iSCSI target hosted by FreeNAS on the PC in the garage. This system would fail sometimes (hence the change to Ubuntu), causing Finder and my whole Mac to lock up. Unlike the situation I have now, disconnecting the GlobalSAN iSCSI Initiator connection didn't bring it back to life - in fact I couldn't even start System Preferences - and I always had to do a hard reset of the Mac. So something has improved if I can now just restart GlobalSAN iSCSI Initiator to bring Finder back - but I don't know whether to attribute this to the change of the iMac to Snow Leopard or the PC to Ubuntu.

    I hope this information is of use.
  • Ashims Level 1 Level 1
    I just had the same problem. I'm on a new Macbook Pro 15-- the good one, which I freshly installed with snow leopard. HDD is empty except for Adium, Perian, Firefox, Textmate and Versions. Computer has been running horribly slow since the update. Apps keep crashing all over the place... Finder crashed out when I force closed activity monitor which had stopped responding. Force quitted it and now it doesn't open with that error.

    Fun fun -_-'
  • Rowalan Level 1 Level 1
    I have had the same problem, when i tried to restart after finder crashed, It just had the thinking sign with the blueish screen. I had to hard start
    Signed up just to put this out there, hopefully the right person stumbles on it and creates a "fix" update. Feels terrible, I just don't want to accept that apple's has made a Vista like mistake, in rushing to finish 10.6
  • gelki Level 1 Level 1
    I have exactly the same. I think it is caused by Time Machine in combination with my external disk. I had it connected via my Apple LED Cinema, now via another device to see if the problem lies there.
  • Graham K. Rogers Level 5 Level 5
    Some of you might consider putting in the SL install disk and clicking on the optional installs package. That may over-write some of the problems with the Finder. Either that or over-writing the install itself: some people have cleared problems by installing twice.
  • Alan Goodall Level 1 Level 1

    Snow Leopard has been working OK for three days - until this morning I got this error message -10810. on my MacBook Pro.

    This has happened twice just now. Each time when I was trying to move items to the trash. After the first time (when the Finder refused to relaunch and I got error -10810 - I trashed the preferences you suggested (except TimeMachine which was not in my preferences - perhaps because I have not used Time Machine?

    I restarted and things worked Ok for a while (I even moved other items to the trash OK) then, the next time I tried to trasha file - I got the message 'preparing to move items to the trash - and then the spinning beach ball. Tried to relaunch Finder but could not and got - error 10810

    What else can be done? So far It has not happened on my iMac!
  • Alan Goodall Level 1 Level 1
    Further to my post above. After a restart SL is failing to mount my external LaCie Hard drive - which was the drive containing the files I was trying to delete.

    It then tells me that the disk is unreadable! I attach the same disk to my iMac - and the blue power light keeps flashing. I read somewhere else that this could be a power supply problem. So I used a power supply from another LaCie. Now it works OK and is recognised by both iMac and PB. The files on it are OK and repair disk says it is OK

    But, am I going to have the same problem again? Did SL ruin the power supply during this finder error problem?

    Another LaCie external mounted OK!
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