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Hardware: MacBook Pro (Intel) / Software: OS 10.6

Some people on the Apple Discussion forums have been complaining about Snow leopard corrupting iWork applications' and other Apple applications' ability to remember recent items. I have experienced the same problem. I installed Snow Leopard yesterday, and noticed that the following applications no longer remembered recent documents when I went to 'Open Recent':
- Keynote
- Numbers
- Pages
- Preview
- Text Edit
I dragged the file '' to the Trash, emptied the Trash, and rebooted. That fixed the problem for all the applications. I had installed Snow Leopard in the normal manner, but for some strange reason, at the end of the installation there was a message saying that an application stopped Snow leopard from finishing the installation. So I reinstalled it and then discovered the problem mentioned above.

Next, I installed Snow Leopard on my wife's identical model (MacBook Pro - Intel). The installation went fine on the first try, and she had no problems with the 'Recent items' in any of her applications. With me, it sounds like the '' file got corrupted when some glitch stopped the first installation of Snow Leopard. But it makes you wonder what other files could have been corrupted. Theoretically, nothing should remain corrupted if the operating system has been installed successfully.

P.S. The question for this feedback form which asks, 'Which operatin system are you running?' needs to be updated to include 'Mac OS 10.6.x'. That is currently not one of the choices, so I had to choose 10.5.x, even though that was not the case.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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