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Grant Sayer Level 1 (10 points)
Just installed Snow Leopard - upgrade from Leopard.

First noticed that the install dropped the installed printers; a Canon IR3570 (B&W) and Canon IRC4580 (Colour). I then attempted the following steps:

1. Reinstalled the Canon printer drivers; PS & UFR-II
-> This failed due to errors in the printer driver plugins

2. Installed the printers again, this time selecting LPD default drivers within Snow Leopard. The only change was to then choose the appropriate 'Driver' which is listed in the Options & Supplies button.
-> Printing still fails


iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • Grant Sayer Level 1 (10 points)
    An additional update....

    Tried with the Generic Postscript driver instead of the Canon one and the printer queue accepts the print job.

    If the 'Driver' is changed to the correct named Canon one; e.g Canon IR 3570/PS then the printer queue displays:

    +You need to install software to use this printer. To install the software, choose Software Update from the Apple menu. If the software for your printer isn’t available in Software Update, contact the manufacturer of your printer.+
  • PAHU Level 6 (16,105 points)
    Hello Grant. If you have a look at my post you will see that I had already encountered these issues with 10.6 and suggested a couple of workarounds until Canon releases drivers that will function correctly on 10.6.


  • Lars Kristensen Level 1 (5 points)
    The guys with Canon in Australia have solved the problem.
    On the link below, you find a brand new driver for OSX 10.6.
    I have installed it, and it works perfect with all the features, booklet, punching, stabling etc.
    I am just wondering, why this driver is not on the Canon Europe website???
    Best regards
  • st3v1e Level 1 (65 points)

    Looks like they removed the drivers for some reason since you posted! If they're working OK for you, do you have a link I could download from please?

    Maybe PM me?

    Desperate to get a hold of something which works on our iR3570 !

  • PAHU Level 6 (16,105 points)
    Hello st3v1e,

    The UFR2 driver (now version 2.05) does not list the iR3570 as a supported model. So if your iR3570 has PostScript, then you can use the Canon PPD installer. If your iR3570 does not have support for PostScript, then you will have to use Generic PCL Laser Printer for your printer model.

    If you need to download the PPD Installer, you can do so via the downloads section of the Canon NZ web site. Simply enter iR3570 in the Search field to get a list of all the drivers for this model.

  • st3v1e Level 1 (65 points)

    thanks for the info, I'll give the install another try tomorrow at work using the info you just provided!

    Will let you know the outcome!

    Thanks again!