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Newb alert...!

I am trying to record into iMovie using the inbuilt camera and speakers - the video records no problem but there's no audio... I checked the input volume using the 'microphone icon button' and the input seems to be OK in that the green bars register audio... it's just on playback the video is completely silent...

Any pointers?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I'm having the same problem. My System Prefrences>>Sound>>Input is using the Built-in Microphone and detects sound when I speak. I can also record voiceovers in iMovie. However, iMovie does not capture audio when I record video. Help?
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    Hello, I had the same problem, here is what you have to do:

    Go tu System Prefernces -> Sound -> Input and you have there before the dialog box (Choose a device for sound input) -> Choose the first option name: Internal Microphone, type: Built-in Microphone
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    Okay, this is a bump.

    I have the same issue: trying to record a video of me playing guitar with iMovie '08 and using the iSight camera, but getting no sound. Yes, the Built-in Microphone is enabled, and yes, the mic actually works: we use Skype and iChat regularly, and there is no problem. The input volume levels show lots of input when I play; nothing comes out of the speakers.

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    Did anyone get the answer to this? Its doing my head in...as you guys have just said, Skype, iChat...all fine so the mic is switched on and I get the green level bars as well to tell me the mic is responding...but when I click the camera icon to record straight into iMovie, no sound!!!

    Everything is set the way it should be, 'built-in mic' selected blah blah...

    GROOOOAN I have to record a video blog and cant get started till I sort thing thing out! Any ideas..???x
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    From the timing of this thread -- the first message was posted in August, 2009 -- it looks to be a Snow Leopard issue. Is everyone who posted using SL?
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    I don't use Sound Leopard and I have this issue, has anyone had anyluck? I can do voice-overs in Imovie. I have the drivers set correctly to built-in microphone input. Yet I can not record VIDEO and AUDIO at the same time using Imovie. I have been able to in the past. Thanks...
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    I had the same problem but I managed to fix it. I inserted my Snow Leopard disk and after it rebooted I went into utilities and selected "repair disk". After I next started iMovie 08 I recorded myself in the iSight camera on my MBP and I was able to record my voice with the internal microphone while I made a short movie of myself.
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    Peter, how can you be sure the problem was fixed by the steps you took?

    Yesterday I recorded a music session in the morning, only to find that it recorded only video, no audio (even though it was in a concert hall type room with amplified music and about 60 people singing, with piano, guitars, etc.). Not a sound on the recording -- +except for the sound of the computer itself+, which I could hear 'whirring'. (And that noise was on the iMovie recording itself.)

    But right after I played back that silent video, I tested the computer and iMovie by recording myself singing for a minute or so, and it worked just fine. I had not altered any settings, nor had I reinstalled any software or run any repair program.

    I.e., one day/hour iMovie works fine and records both audio and video; the next it doesn't record the sound; then it works again.

    A couple years ago I used IMovie to record a whole concert and was dismayed to find it recorded no sound at all. At the time I thought maybe I had not checked the right sound input settings. But now I'm wondering if that one was a software glitch too.
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    annnnd there ya go.
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    Did that and it still doesnt work for me. The mic works in garage band just not in Imovie.....the one i need to use. If anyone else finds anything holla
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    I got this from http://www.mac-forums.com/forums/movies-video/141717-imovie-recording-video-but- not-sound.html :

    - Verify the sound settings in the System > Sound settings pane.

    - Deleted ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iMovie7.plist

    - startup iMovie

    Though the current imovie version is 8, you get the point. Deleting the prefs worked like a charm for me.