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Going to system preferences and selecting desktop and screen saver would allow me to use pics from iPhoto folders in 10.5 but cannot do it any longer with 10.6 sadly


iPhone G3, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    This is the way I use my own desktop pictures and wallpapers, without using iPhoto.

    Drag and drop the pictures you want from your iPhoto folder to the Pictures Folder in your home user folder.

    Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screensaver > Desktop, and add ( + ) the Pictures Folder to the list of Mac Desktop Pictures folders.

    Or you can create and name a new user folder in your Documents folder, just for the purpose of displaying or rotating pictures on your desktop, and add it to the list of folders in Desktop in System Preferences.

    You can set your new folder to display a single desktop pic, set the size and view, or you can set the whole folder to rotate the pics in that folder every 5 seconds, or every minute, and so on.

    I've found it easier to bypass iPhoto, to run pictures on the desktop, and I assume it will work in Snow Leopard.

    I have not done the SL upgrade as yet, am having no major problems with the 10.5.8 at the moment.

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    Thanks Nan,

    I'll give it a try.

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    There are plenty of workarounds, but this is kind of strange. I believe it IS a bug, however:

    Console tells me this:

    30/08/09 8:34:52 PM System Preferences[354] ** DesktopPref error: DSKiPhotoRootSource -loadData TIME OUT!!! There something wrong with iLife Media Browser
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    To follow up, it appears to be related to linking to the iPhoto Library via iLife Media Browser. It has to do without the number of images, I'm guessing. I have around 80,000. There is something inherently different between the Desktop pane and the ScreenSavers pane, as ScreenSavers EVENTUALLY loads it.

    A workaround at the moment is to close System Preferences on the ScreenSavers pane, so when you open it again, it defaults to ScreenSavers, preventing the Desktop pane trying to load it. Once the photos have loaded in ScreenSavers, then switch over to Desktop, and they were all there for me.
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    That worked for me. Thank you!

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    The iPhoto pictures are displayed in the Preference/Desktop box, but they will not display in the preview box when I select them. Also, the Share/Set Desktop command in iPhoto does not work to set the desktop picture. Also, iPhoto will not Export photos to the Pictures or Documents folders, nor can I drag them there from iPhoto.

    I can use the Apple-supplied photos (Plants, Nature, etc.) as desktop wallpaper, but not pictures from my iPhoto collection.
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    I've also found that SOME of my pics will load into the Desktop preview window (and onto the desktop) but not others. Oddly, it seem to be the ones that i took with MY camera
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    mrkgoo's workaround works for me too!

    You'd think that they would have fixed this by now since they are on 10.6.2

    Also bumping this back to the top to see if anybody else is having this issue too.

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