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How do I increase the volume coming through my headphones via my M-Audio Audio Interface while using Logic? The volume is cranked on the AI unit (for headphones), the recording levels are OK (not awesome), but the volume through the headphones is POOR.

I go through my computer headphone outs directly when using Garageband (and the sound is AWESOME), but can't seem to do this with Logic. Nor can I use the AI for monitoring with GB (not that I want to right now with the volume being so poor through the AI).

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.



Preferred solutions (in order):

1. I can use my headphones through the Audio Interface for both Logic AND GB and the volume kicks ***
2. I use the computer heaphone out for both and the sound kicks ***.
3. I usethe AI sound for logix and the sound kicks ***, and I use the computer out for GB and the sound kicks ***.

iMac Duo Core, Mac OS X (10.4.5)
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    open the software that you installed for the M-audio interface (you will find it in the applications folder) ...click on the output tab... there should be volume faders for the headphones...also check if the output routing is correct

    Which M-audio interface are you using?