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Thanks ben6073 for posting your link to the solution. It worked for me as well.

I did a clean install of SL, joined the machine to the AD domain using Directory Utility. Restarted and when the other user option finally came up in the login screen it would just shake after entering my credentials. As if I was using the wrong password. I then logged in with the local admin account and using the Directory Utility disabled the mobile account option. I then restarted and was able to log in using my credentials.

MOBILE ACCOUNTS ARE BROKEN!!! At least for Active directory.

Thanks ben6073 for the link to a fix. And thank you Rich for the post on google.

http://groups.google.com/group/macenterprise/browse_thread/thread/2c2502b08bb84c 7a?pli=1


Mac OS X (10.6)