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Hi there,

I recently upgraded to 10.6 hoping to use the new exchange capabilities. I have noticed that when you flag an item and then attempt to remove the flag - it never takes. A few minutes later the flag comes back no matter what I do. I have attempted to un-flag the item using Outlook, which works, but it does not reflect the un-flagged or completed nature on mail. Basically at this point once marked as flagged, always flagged.

Anyone have any ideas?

Nick Shanny

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6), Exchange 2007 SP1 everything up to date.
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    I wanted to also say I have the exact same problems, and can't seem to figure out a way around it. Entourage acts similarly to Outlook in that you can unflag and it will stay unflagged in Entourage but never gets unflagged in Mail.
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    Me too, don't have a fix either...
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    I had a similar problem which affected mail that was flagged pre-upgrade.

    I finally seem to have solved it by taking my IMAP Exchange account back online and unflagging the mail there, then rebuilding the relevant new account mailboxes.

    As of 20 minutes later, nothing has reappeared as flagged.

    Not sure it's the exact same issue as I didn't have a problem with new flags, but it may help.
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    This doesn't seem to work for me, or else I'm not understanding something in the process. Have tried rebuilding the database/index, etc., to no avail. This only seems to affect some flagged messages and not others. Anyone found an explanation/solution yet? Thanks!
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    I just found a (very ugly) solution that worked for me, since I'm dealing with only a few messages. I saved each of the problematic e-mails to my local drive as raw source, then deleted the originals in Mail, opened the saved messages that were now on my HD, and copied them back into my inbox. Voila, same message, unflagged. I could then flag and unflag the message and it worked as expected. Again, I know this is an ugly way to fix it, but at least it cleans up my flagged messages smart folder without having to flat-out delete the messages.
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    Anyone know where the flags are actually stored? On the client or on the server?

    Outlook doesn't think they're flagged. I really don't want to sync thousands of messages via IMAP just to clear the flags...
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    Actually your solution isn't too bad.

    I created a smart mailbox to show all flagged messages, selected all those that were stuck as flagged and File>Save As "Raw Source" to my desktop.

    I then File>Import mbox format the exported file (all the emails are lumped into a single file). The emails appear in a new mail folder called "Import" and can then be dragged to your Inbox or any other mail folder.

    Once you've verified that the "stuck" emails are now successfully imported (sans flags) you can safely delete the "stuck" emails from the smart mailbox and they're gone forever.
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    Ignore this - the solution above works fine.
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    Any update on this? I am still having this problem. It really breaks my workflow!
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    I agree, this is really annoying. I have the same exact problem on an Exchange 2007 server.