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How do you sync music/videos from ipod touch to itunes/computer? I'm afraid to even connect my ipod to my computer because a few times I have done so it wiped all music from my ipod touch because it wasn't on my computer or in itunes.

Also I had to reinstall Itunes and none of my playlists, purchased music, vidoes are there. If I connect my ipod will I lose all of the playlists I have in my ipod that used to be on itunes?

Ipod Touch 8G, Windows XP
  • darnesey Level 1 (5 points)
    Yeah I'm afraid to as well because i got new computer and it won't let me transfer my stuff. It just wants me to erase and sync my iPod to the iTunes content that it has.

    As for your situation you should have a folder somewhere in your computer that has all your iTunes music videos etc. If you don't know where try using the search function on your computer to find it.
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    Have you failed to maintain a back up of your music?
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    I tried looking on my computer for anything Itunes related and nothing is there. I had downloaded Itunes yesterday and about an hour after it finished my computer froze so I restarted and when I restarted Itunes was gone. The desktop icon, the start menu icon, and in the add/delete programs Itunes is no where to be found. It's very strange and I don't know what to do now. I'm afraid to download Itunes again.
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    I don't even know how to do that. I'm not very computer literate when it comes to heavy duty things like baking up files and such. All I know is over night the playlists and purchased music had disappeared from Itunes. The music on my Ipod Touch is music that was on the computer and new music from a completely seperate computer. I'm trying to figure out how to sync my Ipod so I don't lose anything on it. You would think Apple would have a way to do so without deleting information from the Ipod. If I could some how transfer the fils from the Ipod back to the computer/Itunes then I wouldn't have a problem. I want to add some photos to my Ipod but am afraid to even hook it up tp the USB until I know for sure nothing will be wiped out.
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    1.You can manually sync the ipod instead of the auto. You can manually drag and drop on to the ipod whichever songs/videos you need.

    2.The simplest way of backing your iTunes library is use the inbuilt backup feature. It uses DVD's and CD's and can also do incremental backups. Go to File > Library > Backup to Disc option. Please read iTunes help file for that.
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    you can transfer any itunes purchases from the ipod to the computer. anything else will need to either be reloaded onto your computer from the CDs (where presumably it came from in the first place) or third party software (google ipod to computer).

    as for backups, well it really isn't that 'heavy duty' and is an incredibly important part of being a computer user these days. especially because increasingly, precious things like photo and music libraries are digital rather than physical. it is in the nature of computers that they will go wrong at some point. and iPods like the iPod touch are getting more and more like computers, they also go wrong. which is why you should never only keep things on your iPod, always have a copy on at least your computer as well.

    i would suggest probably the easiest thing to do is to purchase an external hard drive. they are reasonably cheap these days (and worth there weight in gold if your computer goes down and loses all your important documents/photos). they are also small enough to stick in the bottom of a suitcase/bag if you are going away for a while.
    then once a month or so (or more frequently if you have a lot of important files) you can copy the files to this external hard drive. write it in your diary, or set an alarm on your phone.

    hope that helps.