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Sometimes when I open my iTunes up all of my songs will be gone. The songs don't get deleted from my computer though. I can go back to my music folder where all my music is in 3 separate folders and put it all back in iTunes. Everything plays fine when I load all the files back fine but then it might be a day later or two weeks later and I go to open iTunes and everything is gone again. It is just real annoying because I have alot of music with lot of duplicates and songs with no title or something. So everytime I get half way through trying to organize my library, I have to start all over again because the songs disappear and I have to upload them from the original folders again. Anyone have any idea on why this is happening and how to fix it??? and I've tried reinstalling iTunes and am still having this problem.

Sony Vaio, Windows Vista
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    I just had the same thing happen to me! I have no idea why it happened I opened iTunes and it said "iTunes needs you to pick a library" and when I said create library it deleted my songs. Like your songs mine were still on my computer. I wish I had a way to fix your problem but I do know a way to add the music faster. When it created my new library I went up to File-Add folder to library-selected the first choice, scrolled down to the bottom of the list held shift and clicked the last folder (selecting all of the folders) and hit "add to library" it added all of my songs (you only need to be in the section of your iTunes folder that lists all of the artist folders) in 5 minutes. If that's confusing sorry I didn't mean for it to be...
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    It is your Sony Vaio media software deleting your iTunes library.
    See this -> iTunes creates an empty library file in Windows