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I've got a problem whereby my mailbox has now successfully synced with my Exchange server in Snow Leopard Mail. The problem I have though is that my Sent items box is completely empty, like it just hasn't synced with it (it doesn't even look like it's trying to sync). Is there a setting I'm missing or am I doing something stupid?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    I have a similar problem. My Sent folder populated the first time it downloaded all my mail from Exchange, but it does not update when I send messages from Mail or from another source synced with the same Exchange account. I know it's actually sending email, because my test emails from that computer arrive. But they do not show up in the Sent folder. I initially thought it was because the first emails I sent was rather large. I emailed several photos and the first 3 emails were each about 2MB in size. But even after moving them out of Sent to another folder, it still won't sync. I'm thinking of going back to Entourage.
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    I had the very same problem but managed to get it working by doing the following. I went into my exchange inbox via an outlook client and fount that I had 315 items in my sent items (7-8MB in size). I archived all sent items except the most recent 12 and then went back to SL Mail and Sent Items was synced. I then sent a test email from mail in SL and it appeared in the sent items folder in Mail as expected.

    Try this out and let me know if it works. It would appear that there is a size or volume limit on the initial sync. I cannot get ical to sync so I am off to see how many calendar items I have and if any have attachments that I can trim out to see if the sync starts to work


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    I too am having the same issue. According to apple you will have troubles with emails if it contains 11,000 emails. but they recommend no more than 500. I logged into my exchange account with webmail and broke them up by month so i have 12 sent folders now but am still having trouble with not being able to see anything in my sent box plus a couple of other email folders in the exchange. I hope someone finds a permenant solution to this issue as I don't want to go back to Entourage.
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    I moved the older email out of my sent items folder into a PST within Outlook and the sync worked after that. The issue might be to do with the size of the SENT items folder rather than the number of emails or sub folders. The real issue is that SL and Mail do not give any indication of what is going wrong


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    Similar approach worked with ical sync. Archived off old calendar entrys that had attachments and went back to ical - still no sync. Shutdown and restarted ical - calendar now syncing

    Very happy boy

    Though the apple apps should give more quality feedback on what is going on behind the scenes


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    Agreed, emptying the Sent Items folder was the solution. I've had the same issue and emptied over 5000 emails from the folder and it now syncs fine. Curious what the upper limit is. Plan on filing a bug report with Apple concerning this.
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    Hi All

    Just to add my solution in here. I was gaving the issue where all of my mail had synchronised, and all of my ical and all of addressbook. However, my sent mail folder was not syncing, and worse still, no new sent mail was being saved off in sent mail.

    Initially I thought it was a mailbox size thing, so I archived off the majority of my mail on another machine, deleted the sent mails, and then let the other machine sync with Exchange.

    However still the same issue on a tiny mailbox. After seeing this thread (pointed here by Apple Tech support - thanks Clement) i deleted all sent mails on another machine, jumped back onto mac mail.app and all was well.

    I still have a weird issue with delinquent emails in sent mail that wont delete, but I can live with that.

    I too wish that Apple would make a more robust mail application - Apple ProMail as part of the iwork suite anyone??
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    I have tried most of the the suggestions on this thread to no avail. Luckily my sent box just started working. The following two things were done at almost the same time so I am not sure which fixed the problem.

    1. Our Exchange Server 2007 was restarted.

    2. I opened Outlook from my Mac in a VMWare virtual window.

    Now my sent box is syncing just fine. Hope this helps someone.

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    I just spoke to Apple Support about this issue.

    It is not a known issue but it was resolved quickly for me by deleting the Exchange account off my iPhone and adding it again. Took under 5 minutes.

    I have no idea why it was a problem, but if you're looking for a quick solution that may be worth a try.
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    Sorry, replied to wrong post. :s
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    this doesn't work for my case, any other guys can share their solution?