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I am try hundred times to check my Macbook Pro warranty status over the Online Service Assistant page. It always feed back me a message "We're sorry, the number you have provided cannot be found in our records. Please verify the number and try again, or contact us." My Macbook Pro model is "MacBookPro5.1" (Unibody) and should be produce at around Dec. 2008 ( I use coconutIdentityCard to get the info). My MBP is purchase over internet in Taiwan. And I had do check the SN with local Apple online call this machine isn't have any stolen record. So I pay the cash and get my love - MBP back. For me the applecare is a must have service. But when I call the online apple store like to make order to extend my warranty. The guys told me sorry can't find my SN over the system. The lady is very kindly and patient try to help me solve my problem but not get lucky.
Is any one have same issue like me? I am sure the unibody machine should be still under warranty. I like to pay the fee for applecare to get best service for my MBP. I post here because this is a US model machine (MB471LL/A come with US keyboard). The local service center isn't me. They do they best ( the lady ). Please guide me what can we do to get my MBP can purchase applecare to extend the warranty.



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    You can purchase AppleCare anywhere as long as the enrollment code is provided in the box and it is for your designated Mac model, and the machine is less than a year from its purchase date.
    Then go to http://www.apple.com/register/ to register your enrollment.

    If you already purchased AppleCare, and the online search can't find it, there is still a chance the enrollment may be recorded at AppleCare's Apple offices somewhere. Don't hesitate to call AppleCare:

    (886) 0800-095-988

    to see if it might just be a glitch in their online search.