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So my iPod froze so I tried reseting it. After I did it asked me to connect it to iTunes, which I did. iTunes says the iPod is in "Recovery Mode" and it says the iPod needs to be restored. So I click on restore and it starts like nothing is worng but then it stops and says iPod could not be restored (1439). So I clicked on more info and it sends me to this page : http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1372

I have tried :

*Disconnect and reconnect your iPod and then attempt to restore.*

*Restart your computer and then attempt to restore your iPod.*

*Try connecting your iPod to a different USB port and then attempt to restore.*

*Remove any third-party USB devices you have connected to your computer (it is not necessary to remove your keyboard or mouse).*

I haven't tried :

*Disable or Enable Disk Use on your iPod and then attempt to restore.*

because I can't.... the iPod won't let me...

*If you use Windows, re-register .dll files as described in article iTunes displays -50 error message when syncing iPod on Windows XP*

because I have no idea what that means... lol

*For Windows users, update or reinstall your Windows USB drivers.*

That sounds even more complicated than the last one =/

so I'm wondering if anyone can help out with some ideas on how to restore my iPod... thnx

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