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This is a very serious problem. I have an ipod touch it was death, and i charged again when i connected to computer it synced all the stuff, once it is done i unplugged it and the touch screen didn't worked. It turns on and the screen come but when you touch the screen it does not work. i tried turning it off and on still didn't worked. Any help would be appreciated.
I have and ipod touch 16Gb 2nd generation Os 3.1

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Ipod, iPhone OS 3.0.1
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    does any body have any idea about this problem
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    If reset, restore does not help, it is probably time to make an appointment at the genius bar.
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    oddly enough i have allmost all the same spects down to the 16GB and had same prob. and i was goin to settings to check somethin and on the menu it just stoped and on the holiday weekend for godds sake!
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    i have the same problem with my ipod touch 8g! i can plush the home button, the volume button, and the power button at the top but i can't use the touch screen at all i would love for an anwser to that problem! my screen isn't cracked or anything it looks pretty much brand new and i treated it with care it has never been droped and i get this problem lol
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    May you tell me how you fixed this problem...mine just shut off and usually I'm able to reboot it or wait for it to come on, but this particular time I cant. I do hear it when I plug it up 2 the computer, but my screen is just black
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    I just had the same problem. i was watching a movie then put my ipod down for a minute when i tried to start the movie again my screen would not work. i have the new 64gb i just bought this in Oct.
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    I have the same problem. My ipod touch 16gb is having screen problems and it hasn't been dropped its in a gel case so its protected.
    I go to slide my finger across the screen to enter my passcode and it won't work at all. The screen is working like it shows the numbers and my screensaver and it's lighted. But I can't touch it no matter how many times I press it to enter my passcode. Does anybody know how to fix this?

    I already tried resetting and turning on and off and all things common sense before asking for help.