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    Since I wanted a new iPad mini2, I had to finally upgrade my Mac Mini from OSX 10.5.8 to now 10.6.8 (okay, a wee bit behind).  All went well until I noticed that my external drive that I use for Time Machine backups kept spontaneously ejecting itself. After much Google research, I tried your simple Spotlight fix. Well lo and behold, it worked!!! (24 hours and staying) I figured it had to be something silly and simple, and it was! To think of all the complicated things people have been trying over the past five years and that Apple didn't have an answer....boggles the mind.

    Thanks Aluth23!

  • brandyysnapp Level 1 (15 points)


    External Drive has remained stable!

    Not a single spontaneous ejection.  :)

  • charliefromelgin Level 1 (5 points)

    just trying this now as I have the same problems

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