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ok so my ipod touch randomly froze on me, and when i restarted it, the screen said to connect to itunes. when i connect to itunes, it says it cannot read my ipod touch because it's locked with a passcode. i can't enter my passcode, however, because i can't get past the screen that says to connect to itunes. is there any way to disable the passcode or a way to get around it via itunes? HELP!!

iPod Touch, First Gen
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    I'm having the same problem and there is an posting which references the manual and in the trouble shooting section it tells you what to do and I've always had the "hold both buttons" work in the past. But after it tells you to hold both buttons it says if your iPod is still locked up then go to the settings menu and select something like "reset all data" Hmmmm.... If the iPod is locked up how to I get to the settings menu?

    This is like it went to a mode where it thinks its a new iPod and it needs to connect to iTunes BUT it still has the passcode active and it won't let you go to the passcode screen to enter the passcode.

    And the battery was just about dead when this happened.

    And I'm not at home so I'm connecting the iPod to a PC that is different from the normal PC but I think its that the iPod is in an odd mode where it thinks its new out of box but the passcode is still enabled.