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SdeS Level 1 (0 points)
*Is there a way to go back to 10.5 without a clean install?*

The reason I went to Snow Leopard was the claim of 80% reduction in initial Time Machine backup, having bought a new Time Capsule (old one having failed) it took all weekend to backup with lots of failures and false starts. (for about 100Gb of info - even on Firewire 800 it took 14hrs to a LaCie drive)
Now I seem to have endless crashes - it seems ironically especially with Mac's own software, I can't save a pages document without crashing, Grab crashes, numbers crashes, safari crashes, files take an eternity to open if they open at all. I just spend hours looking at the beach ball. It also crashes the whole system and I just get the pointer on a black screen - can't use force quit, only a hard reboot brings it back to life.

It really wasn't a good idea installing Snow Leopard. Maybe in a few months when they have sorted it out, but in the meantime, does anyone know if I can revert to OSX 10.5 without doing a clean install? No, I didn't have a recent time machine backup - because the first Time Capsule I bought failed after about 14 months!

macbook pro 17, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • William Lloyd Level 7 (21,040 points)
    Archive & Install is the closest you'll be able to get, and IMO it's risky. I think a clean install is the best bet.

    That said, Snow Leopard really is not "too buggy to use" for many of us. I have none of the issues you are seeing around endless crashes. It's not typical of the OS; there is something odd with your setup, and it may be worth a little tinkering to try and find out what the cause is.
  • Andy Katz Level 2 (200 points)
    I am having similar errors and crashes after installing Snow Leopard. Safari crashes once a day, for no reason. iPhoto jumbles my photos regardless of date (the old OS X 10.5 used to move a photo automatically when I changed the date), unable to see photos on certain web sites, etc, etc.

    How can I uninstall this thing and go back to 10.5, without losing all my stuff that was transferred to Snow Leopard??

    Sad when a 10 year old Windows laptop runs better than Apple's newest OS!?

  • Craig Baron Level 3 (680 points)
    ...yup, at this point there is no guarantee that going to 10.5 will fix whatever is actually causing your problems. I would make a copy of all your data ASAP, just in case things do go south.
  • Andy Katz Level 2 (200 points)
    I just got this new iMac a month ago, and it was running fine before my update to 10.6. So it's not something wrong with the computer, it has to be linked to 10.6.

    Can I stick in the installation disc to 10.6 and re-install it without risk? Maybe it was a bad install or something?
  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 (22,595 points)
    So it's not something wrong with the computer, it has to be linked to 10.6.

    That's not necessarily true. The problem could be something particular about your system and it's interaction with the OS.

    If you were to restore your drive to it's original factory condition and then install SL, I'd bet it would run just fine.

    The trick is to figure out what it might be about your particular set up that could be creating the problem.

    One of the first things to check is if the problems occur if you set up a brand new user account.

  • Craig Baron Level 3 (680 points)
    You don't know that, I might be anything from a bad 10.6 installation, to some kind of software conflict, to a hard drive going bad. Back-up your data before you do anything else. What you are experiencing is not normal, there is a problem.
  • donv (The Ghost) Level 5 (4,600 points)
    There is no way you can install the older system over the newer. Also, I wouldn't rely on TM for any sort or backup/restoration, especially at this point. I would want to back my files up independently of TM on a partition on another external before doing anything else. Bottom line; you'll need to erase and install. If you want to proceed and need any help, then please post back.

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  • Little Whale Level 1 (0 points)
    No the kernal has a problem that beta testing didn't find, apple will release an update soon. I say just hold tight and wait this thing out. Don't do anything stupid with out backing up your data. If you just wait for the next service pack,life will be great. Don't waste your time reinstalling because its a Snow Leopard(or Windows ME reloaded thats called Snow Leopard). Its truly heart breaking that apple didn't find these errors or maybe they did an thats why they lowered the price. It does crash much more than before using two different machines and my friend has repeatedly made his four machines crash using SAVE AS function when "Right Clicking (Two fingers click)". Snow Leopard does crash more than my Windows ME upgrade did but much less than Windows XP 64Bit or Vista 64Bit installs. Only problem apple by default runs the kernal in 32bit mode.
  • Craig Baron Level 3 (680 points)
    OK then, I guess those of us who have had no problems are just very lucky?

    To the OP; don't hold your breath for an update, the vast majority of users seem to have no significant problems.
  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 (22,595 points)
    It does crash much more than before using two different machines

    Crash more than before?

    What are you talking about? In my years of running OS X (that includes the beta and 10.0-5) I can count the number of crashes I have on one hand.

  • Dave Rensberger Level 1 (0 points)
    I've had more application crashes in the 3 days since I installed 10.6 than I'd had in the previous 6 years of using OS X. Safari and iPhoto seem particularly bad.
  • Matthew Morgan Level 7 (22,595 points)
    Have you tried creating a new user account to see if you get the same crashes?

    When you said the OS was crashing, I took that to mean a kernel panic.

    Application crashing is different and does happen from time to time.

  • SdeS Level 1 (0 points)
    All I can say is that you are very lucky - or more likely, I am very unlucky. I would say I am well into tripple digits with OSX despite clean installs etc. And with 10.6 up to about 30-40 application / system crashes since installing 4 days ago.

    Last night I was trying to register for a 'thank you for registering' benefit for Adobe CS4, in the process, Safari crashed whilst trying to print a PDF of the registration code, I then opened Grab to copy the page, and that crashed, pages had already crashed 3 times and numbers once, the "grab screen was positioned over the top of the last bit of the code so now I don't have my 'thank you for registering' - and 6 app crashes in one evening - all of them Apple apps. Lovely.
  • BBBBllll Level 1 (0 points)
    There had better be a way to go back to 10.5, because my iMac, which was running flawlessly under 10.5 is now virtually useless after the 10.6 upgrade. Items: Mail takes one of my accounts off line every time it checks for mail. Not the same one each time, but randomly among my accounts. Photoshop, which has always been rock solid, now "unexpectedly quits" every time I try to use it. My printer, which is a current HP model, apparently is not supported, so now I can't print anything. My new Canon scanner is likewise useless. Firefox, a superb browser, now fails when attempting to upload or download picture files, and Safari has been "improved" to the point where it is so Martian I can't understand it. The new version of Quicktime, which I depend on for certain video editing chores, has been robbed of its most essential functionality for the sake of making it glitzy. I'm only listing a few items here because everything is just screwed up. For most practical purposes, I no longer have a computer. This is the first time I've had problems with a Mac OS upgrade. It's a disgrace and Apple should be ashamed. If Windows 7 is a success, look out!
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