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  • SdeS Level 1 (0 points)
    And how, now that my machine has had an erase and install, do I stop mobile me duplicating all the entries in my address book - anywhere from 2 to 5 copies of addresses.

    This is despite asking for the first sync to replace the data on my MacBook Pro with that from 'the cloud'.

    Another Apple piece of software - but doubtless just pilot error again?? Not the first time this has happened either - about the 5th, so no, not a specific SL issue, but one you might hope would get fixed by year whatever of dotmac / mobileme.
  • Stanley Horwitz Level 4 (2,705 points)
    Just restore from your backup if you want to return to Leopard. Didn't you do a backup first before installing Snow Leopard? No? In that case, take this as a lesson learned, always backup your boot drive before installing any new OS version or update.
  • CMD - Rory Level 1 (10 points)
    Hi SdeS and all...

    Wow, has this topic ever gotten severely off topic!!! Start new topics folks!

    As for this topic...

    There is no way to 'downgrade' (reverse/undo the upgrade) without erasing and essentially starting over with the older OS. In your case, not having a Time Machine backup (due to previous Time Capsule failure) means you have nothing to do a complete restore from. A current Time machine backup will allow you to easily recover your data (after doing an erase and clean/fresh/cold install of non-snow Leopard), but it cannot be used to recover/restore all apps (it can be used on some, but you have to know which - long story, so don't try it unless you really know what you are doing with each). You will also have to redo all your preferences, settings, etc in all apps and the OS itself - a major pain.

    That is just a general, non-detailled answer - if anyone can provide a very specific procedure, and ideally provide any ways/options of saving current preferences (for the OS and for apps), favourites lists, e-mail info, etc - all keeping in mind this is not a migration or upgrade, but a downgrade, that would be helpful for many (as I've seen many topics requesting similar, but no answers seen by me yet).
  • fshnmich Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having a few problems with SL as well. Actually, all four of my macs (imac late 2007, new imac 24" (month old) and two macbooks. Aperture will not export on any of the machines, Time Machine fails, quits for no reason, safari quits (a lot). The list goes on and on. Looking at all of the posts complaining about 10.6 it stands to reason that maybe it is the OS and not the "existing apps" or "video card" or "other 3rd party applications" as a lot of the posters are stating. If you look at the number of "views" for SL, most range in the 2,500 plus range and ALL are complaints. Everybody that posted a complaint did not have any problems prior to the install. We are all in these forums for a reason and I think that we should all just come out and say it, "Apple, you didn't test your product prior to release". Apple released SL a month early. I guess they figured that they could get some more beta testing at the cost of the consumer. Bad Apple, just plain bad. No biscuit.
  • Luloh Level 1 (0 points)
    I have now clean installed SL 4 times on my 1 month old MacPro. Every time something different went wrong. The last straw was that iTunes crashes when I start to load it and when I try to open the applications folder I get a new desktop not an application.

    I'm done with SL and reloading 10.5 from scratch. Fortunately I have everything backed up on different external drives. I have been a Macky since 1991 and have never had problems like this (except with Win ME). Just unbelievable.

    *Do not mess with Snow Leopard unless you have a total backup.*
  • SdeS Level 1 (0 points)
    Well, just about 2 weeks after retail release in the UK we have the 10.6.1 version. I couldn't see any mention of stability with the iWork apps, Aperture, screen saver (crashed last night bringing up the 'you need to restart' in several languages screen - not sure what the official name for that is.

    Well, I guess it might be more stable generally, but just not mentioned. We will see.
  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)

    These are only terms and I and the Apple Engineers disagree with you.

    The Apple engineers DO call it a clean install...
    So for me, if that's what the Apple Engineers call it, then so will I...

    There is no since in fighting the Apple Engineers...
  • Joseph Kriz Level 5 (5,095 points)
    I got cutoff in my post above. Sorry, here is the rest......

    If any of you here really want to see if Snow Leopard will run on your machine and you have everything backed up, then try this.
    Again, only try this if you have everything backed up.

    1. Erase your drive and install Snow Leopard.
    Also known as a clean install or an erase and install.

    2. Do NOT migrate anything, do NOT install anything else.

    3. Run the fresh install of Snow Leopard and see if you have any problems.
    If you do have problems running Safari or anything else, then something is wrong with your computer or for some other hardware reason, it will just not run Snow Leopard.
    You should then erase the HD again and restore it from your 10.5.x backup and you will be up and running Leopard again.

    4. If Snow Leopard works properly, then you know your computer can handle Snow leopard.
    Give it a try for awhile or a day if you can. Test it out...
    If you don't have anymore problems, you can then start migrating your information over. If you start having problems after that, then something you are transferring over is giving you problems.

    At this point, you have nothing to loose to try this out as long as you have everything backed up.

    I have installed this on different Macs.
    Mac Minis
    MacBook Pros

    Absolutely no problems with Snow Leopard other than some printer drivers and a few minor 3rd party programs which has nothing to do with the Mac computers or Snow Leopard.
  • Zebra1 Level 2 (290 points)
    That's all nice and well for you to say, but there also are those of us who have pretty much no problems with Snow, other than some incompatible 3rd party apps.

    I tried what you report as a problem with Aperture and the export works fine.

    And that is a fact.

    I don't doubt that some are having problems, but I also think those stem from hard drives that have issues and/or bad install disks.
  • Perfectpapa Level 1 (5 points)
    So now I have snow leopard, which eliminates my use of my HP scanner, no driver available, and limits the use of my epson printer..

    what a disappointment, and numerous calls give me no information when and if I will ever be able to use the devices again.

    What's going on?
  • FishingAddict Level 4 (1,137 points)

    Snow Leopard works perfectly for me (as do nearly all Apple updates) on my several year old iMac 24". I'm enjoying no problems at all and a noticeable performance increase in Finder and nearly everything else.

    My suggestion for successful Apple updates/upgrades involve simply being a proactive maintainer of your Mac and being willing to do a bit of preparation. The few extra minutes these steps take are well worth the result -- a stable, well performing Mac. Note that the following steps are similar to what so many experienced Mac users report on these forums:

    1) To begin, I recommend to avoid ever installing any application that modifies your dock, the menu bar area, or in general runs in the background to provide unnecessary system or interface "enhancements", or replaces built-in OS X functionality. I just don't see the need for these applications and it's my opinion that they are the common cause for the majority of update problems reported on these forums.

    2) Backup and/or clone your drive to one or more external drives (and test your backups). You should be backing up regularly anyway as part of a regular backup plan.

    3) Clean up any unneeded files such as your Downloads directory, and empty your trash, etc...

    4) Use a utility such as OnyX, Cocktail, to do maintenance such as clearing logs files and caches, verify disk, and repair permissions, then reboot

    5) Run "Software Update" and install all available Apple updates, then reboot.

    6) Before upgrading to 10.6, research the compatibility of all your software applications and external hardware devices and update them as necessary to prepare.

    7) Detach all external devices (i.e., FireWire, USB)

    8) Boot to the 10.6 DVD

    9) BEFORE proceeding with the installation, launch disk utility from the menu and verify your disk!

    10) Go ahead and run the installer

    11) When the installation is done, if a reboot is necessary following an update, then BE PATIENT. After major updates it's common for the first reboot to take quite a long time and sometimes even reboot again. If you think it's taking too long to get to the login screen, then just walk away for a while. The worst thing you can do is to be impatient and power it off because you think it's hung.

    12) As soon as you log on after the 10.6 install, use "Software Update" to install 10.6.1, then restart.

    13) Enjoy your new found features, speed, stability, and improvements of Snow Leopard
  • DGW222 Level 1 (10 points)
    Please forgive me for jumping in here w/o reading every page that went before. Snow reduced one of my three Macs to something akin to a Windows machine. It wouldn't print, it wouldn't even recognize the HP directly attached to it! MS Word crashed frequently as did Firefox. There were other problems too. Apple tech support was a big help (I'm just "here" (Macs world) a year from the Windows **** world all my life) BUT the biggest help was to download the Snow update, 10.6.1
    It solved all my printer problems along with most of the others. Firefox has issued an update and it's stable now too. GRAB crashes I just discovered this morning and MS Word crashes but less. Microsoft will have to issue an Office update but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
    Was Snow released before it was ready? I'd have to say yes, definitely. Is it mostly fixed now; yes, mostly.

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