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*Is there a way to go back to 10.5 without a clean install?*

The reason I went to Snow Leopard was the claim of 80% reduction in initial Time Machine backup, having bought a new Time Capsule (old one having failed) it took all weekend to backup with lots of failures and false starts. (for about 100Gb of info - even on Firewire 800 it took 14hrs to a LaCie drive)
Now I seem to have endless crashes - it seems ironically especially with Mac's own software, I can't save a pages document without crashing, Grab crashes, numbers crashes, safari crashes, files take an eternity to open if they open at all. I just spend hours looking at the beach ball. It also crashes the whole system and I just get the pointer on a black screen - can't use force quit, only a hard reboot brings it back to life.

It really wasn't a good idea installing Snow Leopard. Maybe in a few months when they have sorted it out, but in the meantime, does anyone know if I can revert to OSX 10.5 without doing a clean install? No, I didn't have a recent time machine backup - because the first Time Capsule I bought failed after about 14 months!

macbook pro 17, Mac OS X (10.6)
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