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MacAdam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
Does anyone know what the problem is? I have been reading on other message boards about CS4 programs crashing. I can't even get mine to open. Does anyone know a fix or something that can help?

Mac OS X (10.6)
  • Peter Miller Level 4 Level 4 (1,965 points)
    Hi, I've got the CS4 Master Collection running at home on a Mac Pro running Snow Leopard.

    Here is my report:

    *Adobe Acrobat Pro* - is working perfectly.

    *Adobe After Effects* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Bridge* - WILL NOT OPEN - Use Bridge CS3 if you have it.

    *Adobe Contribute* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Device Central* - Very buggy. - Use Adobe Device Central CS3 if you have it.

    *Adobe Dreamweaver* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Dynamic Link* - NO MAC SUPPORT.

    *Adobe Encore* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Fireworks* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Flash Professional* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Illustrator* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe InDesign* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe OnLocation* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Photoshop* - is working well; however it also has NO 64-bit support! with no future 64-bit support planned. Sorry.

    *Adobe Premiere Pro* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Soundbooth* - is working quite well with some lags on closing.

    *Adobe Version Cue* - is working well.


    *All Adobe CS3 Application are functioning well.*

    My suggestion is use CS3 until these bugs are fixed in CS4.

    These tests were done on:

    Mac Pro (2008)
    2 x 2.8GHz Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processors.
    1600MHz FSB
    Data Path: 64-bit
    Address Path: 64-bit
    500GB (Startup Disk)
    1TB (Bay 2)
    512MB GeForce 8800GT

    Hope fully you may find this information useful, but definitely check Adobe for updates ASAP

    Kind regards,

  • Peter Miller Level 4 Level 4 (1,965 points)
    You could also try uninstalling CS4 and reinstalling it. Something may have malfunctioned in the installation.
  • gwdauph Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I've had many crashes (photoshop, Mail, etc.) with Snow Leopard when trying to save jpegs
  • Peter Miller Level 4 Level 4 (1,965 points)
    Given that Snow Leopard has been publicly available for less than a week, I'm not surprised about the Adobe problems. - That will just most likely require updates from them.

    As for Mail, I've got no real answer apart from run Software Update to see if a newer version of Mail is available.
  • ConcreteMark Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    My experience with CS3 and Snow Leopard is not as stellar as some are reporting. Although all the CS3 programs open and function Dreamweaver is the one that has showed the most performance problems. It response time to any action is slow. Simply scrolling a page is frustrating.

    Going to the Adobe site to download an upgrade was not easy either. Both Safari and Firefox now have problems loading the Adobe site on my MacBook. I managed to get through the order process using Firefox but crashed when the Adobe download manager tried to load. I finally made it work by using my 2-year old Mac Mini (using Safari) that also has Snow Leopard on it. It read the Adobe site correctly and allowed the Adobe download manager to function.

    I fear Adobe is the new Microsoft.
  • Peter Miller Level 4 Level 4 (1,965 points)
    It is true that Adobe's software seems to have decreased functionality, I have noticed that my CS3 applications take less time, simply because they rely less heavilyy on the computer's GPU.

    I haven't noticed the problems with Dreamweaver, but that could just be because of my machine configuration.

    The main blight against Adobe is that Photoshop CS4 has no 64-bit support and none is planned; I have no idea who's hair-brained decision it was in Adobe Labs but it is truly idiotic!

    As for Adobe Downlaod Manager, well it is truly a menace to those who wish to actually get things done!

    You aren't the only one who fears of this new Microsoft Clone, but given that (until CS4) adobe was showing better performance on Macs, it is strange at best. - I'd give them a few weeks/months to allow for them to realise that Apple actually has a new OS that advances on the previous, but I guess pigs will fly as well...
  • jsglazer Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Day 2 with a MacBook 2.4Ghz/2GB, Snow Leopard and Indesign/Illustrator CS4. The only change I've noticed with the Adobe products is some general sluggishness. Buttons don't click as fast, layers don't change as fast, changes aren't rendered as fast as before. That feels more like a graphics driver issue than an Adobe issue. Oh, and Preview crashes every time I open a high-quality PDF generated in InDesign...but not from other sources. Could this also be a graphics driver issue?

    tried deleting the file

  • Peter Miller Level 4 Level 4 (1,965 points)
    I've Gone to Adobe's download page, currently their CS4 support in general is not up to satandard.

    Firstly they won't even acknowledge that Bridge CS4 won't work. (???)

    I've found that they have updates for the following applications:

    *After Effects CS4*
    *Contribute CS4*
    *Encore CS4*
    *Fireworks CS4*
    *Flash CS4 (Standard and Professional)*
    *Indesign CS4*
    *OnLocation CS4*
    *Photoshop CS4*
    *Premiere Pro CS4*
    *Soundbooth CS4*
    *Version Cue CS4*


    No updates for:

    *Bridge CS4* - There is nothing at all regarding Bridge CS4, the only updates available are for Bridge CS3

    *Device Central CS4* - Nothing at all relating updates for this program exist.

    *Dreamweaver CS4* - No CS4 updates.

    *Illustrator CS4* - No CS4 updates.

    There is an update for *Photoshop CS4* - It still appears that there will be no Mac support for 64-bit OS/Hardware. Photoshop still has not been given access to more than 3GB of RAM.
  • Neal Bridgens Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    My 2¢:

    I would not recommend upgrading to Snow Leopard for anyone who requires CS4 functionality for business purposes. It may work properly for you, but it may not.

    Wait until Adobe and Apple work it out. Hopefully won't take long, they clearly have people on it.

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  • jjcliff Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm finding, after researching over 5-6 days, that mac's with ATI cards are crashing CS4 on a consistent basis. People with other cards are rarely reporting any problems. I've opened many discussions with Adobe, and frankly they are blaming APPLE. And you guys are blaming Adobe.

    We need to come to some sort of solution here. You're costing people time and money at this point.

    Look into ATI cards/drivers + CS4 + Snow Leopard Crashing. Its a common thread I've found over and over this week.
  • Neal Bridgens Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    Mine's a NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 - and it's pretty crashy.

    They're working on it to be sure. Blame is not helpful.
    There's always unforeseen problems with a new O.S. If it's costing money, it's the price of being an early adopter. As it always was, as it always shall be.
  • Ron Yochum Level 1 Level 1 (120 points)
    The problem is Adobe is so paranoid about piracy that they've hobbled their software to the point of unsuitability. I've had to reinstall Adobe CS3 and 4 at least five times in the last three months. And when you add Acrobat.

    The problem is that Adobe is not providing real quality control on their software, they've outsourced their tech support to god-knows-where, and they really have no customer care or support. I remember when Adobe was a good company. No more.
  • Peter Miller Level 4 Level 4 (1,965 points)
    The Adobe updates for the programs that I listed have worked well!

    I highly suggest all Mac users currently running Snow Leopard to use them, they include some new features, and include an overall stability increase.

    Note: *Bridge CS4* has a strange bug, that when *Bridge CS4* is launched it still uses the *Bridge CS3* engine (in the *Program Window*), the only reference to *Bridge CS4* comes from the *Application Menu*; everything else refers to *Bridge CS3* - Odd?

    *Device Central* has also begun working well, needed to reboot to make it launch (?) - Anyone got any ideas?

    My guess is that *Bridge CS4* and *Device Central CS4* simply needed a reboot to begin running correctly. This is not all suprising given the level of system integration that these programs have.

    Any interested users will find there is also an update for *Adobe Lightroom 2*, this update has similar stability improvements as the other CS4 updates.

    *This is a list of the udate files:*

    After Effects CS4:

    Contribute CS4:

    Encore CS4:

    Fireworks CS4:

    Flash CS4 (Should work for Professional and Standard.):

    InDesign CS4:

    OnLocation CS4:

    Photoshop CS4 (Should work with Extended and Standard):

    Premiere Pro CS4:

    Soundbooth CS4:

    Lightroom 2:

    I hope that someone finds this information useful.

    Kind regards,

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