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I've just upgraded my OS to Snow Leopard, and I deeply regret it. I'm trying to install some stuff such as MySQL 5, which some sites say it's compatible, but just as like other softwares, it displays the Installation Window, but when I press the install button nothing happens.

Any ideas why it's happening?

PS: I want my money back!!!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    The same thing is happening to me. I can't install iTunes 9.0, or anything at all.
  • Rodrigo Fante Level 1 Level 1
    Same here.. this sh~?%£~ Snow Leopard doesn't work properly...

    I can't install anything.. I hit Install and just nothing happen, including on system updates and Apple softwares...

    Nice piece of crap you did Apple. £25 that I put in the bin

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    Guys, this is the Leopard forum. Post your Snow Leopard issues here:
    In any case you all did the recommended back up so you could recover from a "just in case"?
    And checked out compatibility here:
    What was the rush btw?
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    same here..and it's bothering me really heavily...and it didn't work also on my friend...the software update doesn't effing work, Steve!!!! what gives?!
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    Same thing here! Now I am unable to update any software....
    This is getting very similar to Windows and PC issues...
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    Yep, same thing here. I agree with you, OD!N, these problems are reminding me of the old days on the PC......BEFORE I switched to MAC.

    I get the same problem. I Click the install updates button and nothing happens, the install button just goes from being gray when I click it to going back to blue as if I never clicked it.

    I tried repairing disk permissions from both the mac OSX disk and from a normal login and both times, it found that permissions differ on literally hundreds of different directories, so I clicked the repair permissions button but that didn't work either. I also tried verifying the disk and it finds no errors.

    I'm also unable to do backups with my time capsule via time machine. I cant even restore from older backups on time machine!

    I'm also unable to empty my recycle bin. So I resorted to having to manually do it through Terminal. That worked. I then tried manually installing the updates through Terminal with

    sudo softwareupdate -i -a

    and I get the error

    Bus error

    ***?! Any tips or suggestions would be awesome.

    Currently using Mac OSX 10.5.7

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