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So I've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes twice, reset the iPhone settings and whenever I plug the phone in, iTunes freezes. The phone charges and appears in iPhoto, but no dice with iTunes. My iPod shows up fine. I haven't installed anything new on the computer (haven't installed much of anything beyond Microsoft Office) and I have a Mac, so I don't think it's a USB driver issue (or if it is, I can't solve it based on other Windows discussions on this topic). Anyone have ideas? I guess I could go back to iTunes 8.2 as someone mentioned this helped, but would really like to get it solves...

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Comp less than a year old
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    Phew. Sweet relief. I checked some other discussions and someone mentioned deleting apps and podcasts that hadn't been synced through my computer originally. I erased a few podcasts I put on the phone by itself and it connected to my computer immediately after. Hope this helps someone else!
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    I had the exact same problem but came up with a solution. I downloaded a podcast to my iPhone before syncing it, and lo and behold when i delete it, the problem immediately disappears. I would delete any podcast that you have downloaded to the phone.
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    whoops, didn't read your second message XD
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    I just had the same problem, apple needs to do an update.
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    I had the exact same problem and after following apple support's recommendation to re-install itunes (which did not work), I simply deleted the last few podcasts I had downloaded straight to my iphone and this resolved the problem. Thanks for saving me the time of having to call apple support/go to genius bar.