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I am having random freezes like the authors of many recent topics on this forum. From the number of 'views' on their threads, it seems that many other users have the same problem.

These are not like any other freezes I have ever had - usually when the beach ball shows, it still allows me to show the dock, move windows etc... but these freezes bring everything to a halt.

Since this problem first started for me the say I upgraded, and seems to be the same (from what I can tell) for other users who reported this, does anyone know if there is something about snow leopard that uses the hardware differently? So that whereas under leopard (32-bit) there may not have been a fault, but on switching to 10.6 a problem could reveal itself?

Mac Pro 1,1 2007, 2x 2.66 GHz Dual-Core, Mac OS X (10.6), 4 x 1Gb Apple RAM, 1x 500Gb WD Caviar, 2x Optiarc Superdrive, GeForce 7300 256Mb, Dual monitors
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