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Terry Duschinski Level 2 Level 2
I know this is not directly an Apple/Mac issue but I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a G-Drive Q from G-Technologies seeming to lose power?

Specifically, this was one of three external HDs I had daisy-chained. It's the only one that won't mount and it sounds like a car whose engine won't turn over. I'm wondering if the problem is electrical; perhaps the AC adapter.

This drive won't mount on either my PB running 10.3.9 or a Power Mac G4 running 10.5.8.

I'd like to try a different adapter; I have several other AC adapters from other products, but none identical The adapter itself is:

Jentc Technologies
Model: JTA0202V

This HD has family heirloom video on it.

Help! (If you can)

thanks very much,


PowerBook 17, Mac OS X (10.3.x), 2 GB Ram, using FCE 2.0.3
  • eww Level 9 Level 9
    Does the drive mount and operate normally when it's connected directly to your FireWire port without any other FireWire devices connected?
  • Terry Duschinski Level 2 Level 2
    No, sir.

    I've connected it and only it directly to the PB via FW800 and it whirs but doesn't seem to come up to power (and therefore doesn't mount).

    I've also connected it directly to my PowerMac G4 via FEW 400 --- and it's the same.

    It makes some weird sounds, which is why I'm thinking that the electrical current is the problem (or I'm hoping it is).

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for trying to help.


    P.S. the HD is about 2.5 years old and out of warranty; no help from manufacturer.
  • eww Level 9 Level 9
    Hi again, Terry. One possibility — nobody's favorite — is that the drive has failed. Untoward noises coming from a hard drive that won't mount often indicate that.

    Connect the drive, turn it on, and open System Profiler. Is the drive detected in the FireWire section? How about Disk Utility — does that see the drive? If so, is its SMART status shown, near the bottom of the DU window? If the drive's SMART status is shown as "Failing", that's a death certificate, though there's still a chance that some or all of your data can be recovered from the drive using special data recovery software.

    Assuming SMART status is "Verified" or "Not Supported", can you select the drive and run DU's *Repair Disk* routine? If so, run it as many times as is necessary to get a report that the disk "appears OK". If DU reports any problems it can't fix, that's a bad sign.

    If neither System Profiler nor Disk Utility can detect the disk, you may want to see whether its manufacturer will supply a replacement AC adapter for it (for a price, of course). If not, or if the price is outlandish, consider one of those "universal" AC adapters that are sold at places like Radio Shack. Take your suspect adapter along so the salesperson can see what you have to provide an equivalent for. Testing with a known-good adapter may either solve the problem or rule out a faulty adapter as its cause.

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  • Terry Duschinski Level 2 Level 2
    I guess this is good news -- neither System Profiler nor Disk Utility recognize the drive. I'm in search of a replacement AC adapter.

    Thanks VERY MUCH for your help.

  • eww Level 9 Level 9
    That may be good news, or it may just be because the drive has failed completely — in which case a new AC adapter won't help. Good luck!
  • shiva21 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Terry, I am experiencing similar problem with my G-Drive Q 1TB hard drive. I was wondering if you had a chance to get the AC adapter and make it work.

    My AC Adapter failed a few days ago and I don't know whether it is an adapter issue or a drive issue. I would be happy to see your comment.