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So, to keep this short, this is my drive model and info :


Revision: AP12
Serial Number: K3N85NG1222
Detachable Drive: No
Protocol: ATAPI
Unit Number: 0
Socket Type: Internal
Low Power Polling: Yes
Power Off: Yes

I dont know if this matters, but I am running the latest Snow Leopard version as well... all updates.

When I try to play a DVD (commercial) it will spin it for about 30sec
and then eject it without mounting.

Now Cd's work perfectly, it's just DVD's that wont mount.
I tried reseting the Pram and Vram, did the whole cleaning the drive thing
and pretty much anything else that I could find on the internet in order to
get it back working again.

Nothing does the trick...

I had the same problem with a different mac about 3 years ago, and now I am just kinda peeved off
that it happened again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, but again, I did all the resets and cleaning procedures... CD's work perfect and sometimes a dvd will play once and then not again for the next 100 tries or so.

Thank you people!

MacBookPro4,1, Mac OS X (10.6)