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On our Mac Pro computer I just did a successful install of Snow Leopard, but immediately found that after it restarted, a sparse disk image that I use for my Aperture library failed to mount as it usually does on startup. When I originally set this up, I added the disk image to "System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items" so it would mount whenever I logged in. This worked great until the Snow Leopard install tonight.

Now, the disk image is nowhere to be found. In the login items, I can see what I had called "Aperture volume" listed as unknown kind. I can see other disk images in disk utility. But I cannot find any trace of the sparse image that should still be there.

Also, not that I was keeping track, but the SL install seemed to give me a huge amount of disk space back. I mean unusually huge. Like missing the 200-300 gigs worth of Aperture library that was on the sparse image huge.

Why, oh why, might have the upgrade have wiped out my disk image, and how might I be able to get it back?

I do have a vault that's within a day, so I can rebuild the Aperture library, I guess. Because I update the Vault every day, I was having time machine skip the disk image, because it only contained the Aperture library.

Does anybody out there have any suggestions that might help me out here? I would really like to avoid having to wait for a day while my huge Aperture library is restored from a vault.

Mac Pro 2 x 2.26 Quad core, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Something I forgot to add is that when I right click on the "Aperture volume" in the login items and choose "Reveal in Finder," I'm taken to the Finder, but no window is open and nothing is selected. Also, I don't have an "Incompatible Applications" folder. I've also done spotlight searches looking for any clues and have found none. Why would have this upgrade deleted this disk image?
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    Maybe because you were making a disk image (which includes OSX) rather then transferring only aperture files to a separate partition? SL installation may also have removed other instances of Leopard, effectively removing the disk image.

    Even when you did an Archive & Install, this image disk would not appear in any of the archived user folders, so rebuilding from the Vault might well be your only option.