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Tor Lundgren Level 2 (235 points)
Hi there,

I installed S. Leopard on my MacBook Air using Remote Disk. I think the install worked, but NOW the computer doesn't seem to want to start – it is stuck on the initial startup screen involving the Apple icon and the grey, 'rotating' ring. I've let it do that for hours, just in case something was really going on, but no luck so far.

A couple of additional notes: once I started the install, everything seemed to be going fine, but at some point, I returned, and the computer was back at the login page. I assume that the install must have completed. I logged in and the desktop wallpaper had changed. Next, I checked the About this Mac window and it said '10.5.7'. I thought that was certainly odd, and I checked to see if there were any software updates. There were, and I told it to install them. It did, and then asked me to restart, which brings me to the current state of affairs.

So... what is going on? Did the S. Leopard install somehow do a partial installation and then blow up, leaving the disk half 10.5 and half 10.6? Is the computer REALLY doing something that will require hours or days on the first startup? Finally, is there any way to run any tests on it when it wont even get past the initial, Apple-&-spinning-wheel startup screen?

Thanks for any thoughts!

MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6), 2 GB memory
  • Tor Lundgren Level 2 (235 points)
    Reviewed this with Apple support, and apparently, the only option is to try the reinstall again. Apparently they can help with that at the nearest Apple Genius bar.
  • seventhirteen Level 1 (15 points)
    I am unable to install SL on my Macbook Air as well. I keep getting errors when I attempt to reinstall after failing to reboot after the initial installation attempt. Grey apple icon screen with the spinning cog. Applecare said to give up trying to re-install and wipe the drive and reload. Nice. I have backups but what a pain. 29 bucks and 12 hours of my time.
  • Tor Lundgren Level 2 (235 points)
    Hi there... wipe the drive? I would sure try to do the install without wiping the drive. I was able to do the install at the Apple Store Genius bar –- they let me use a DVD drive. Alternatively, you can load the whole of Snow Leopard on an 8GB USB memory stick and install from there.
  • seventhirteen Level 1 (15 points)
    I couldn't get SL to install without reformating the hard drive. It would fail every single time. So I gave up trying over the weekend and reformated the hard drive in the MacBook Air. SL installed just fine. I then used the Migration Assistant and reloaded all the files and apps from Time Capsule. It took 6 hours to restore but everything is working. I did notice over the weekend Apple posted a bulletin about making sure all updates are applied before installing SL. I know that I had iTunes 9 and some other update showing in Software Updates but ignored them before the initial attempt to install. Of course the bulletin says reinstall. But that didn't work. I'm just glad the restore from the Time Capsule work, saved a bunch of time reloading applications and files for other backups. In my opinion the SL installer should warn you do apply updates before proceeding with the installation!