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My mail app is frequently using over a gig of real memory. I have to shut it down and relaunch it to make it go normal (under 100 megs, only to have to repeat the process every hour. This strated happening with 10.6. Any ideas?


Macbook Pro 2.66Ghz 17", Mac OS X (10.6)
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    I just experienced the same problem, Mail took 2.9 GB of RAM!!! I had to force quit it and then the memory usage dropped down for that amount. Started Mail again, the same problem. Happens all over. Started all of a sudden - not sure what is the problem with it.

    Any ideas?
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    Solved it!

    I have several email accounts configured in Mail. While Mail was eating up the memory, I've noticed the rotating circle at one of the accounts indicating Mail is doing something with it. This particular account was Google mail via IMAP. What I did to resolve problem is I deleted Google mail from my accounts and I've restarted Mail. Things turned back to normal! Then I've added GMail account again, and it is working like a charm since, Mail is using only 238Mb of memory.

    Therefore, I can conclude there is a bug in Mail handling email accounts (in my case Google mail via IMAP) and it is doing something with that account that increasingly takes ridiculous amounts of memory. Removing the account in questions, restarting Mail and adding the account again has solved the problem in my case :))

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    Today out of the blue I was having this problem. Searched around and when seeing the above solution I noticed one of my GMAIl IMAP accounts were spinning. After removing it and restarting Mail the Real Mem. returned to 36MB compared to 1.21GB. I then put the account back on and real memory is at 58.5MB. So everything is back to normal.

    Thanks Danny.