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NEVER had this happen in Logic 8 (or any other software for that matter) on same hardware.. Not only can you not OPEN Logic 9 by clicking on a logic 9 file, SAVE in Logic 9 without it putting audio out of sync, now I discover you cannot RECORD for more than a few minutes without getting a blast of white noise. Seriously, my ears are still ringing 8 hours later from this noise. If they are still ringing Monday I am going to the hearing specialist and Apple WILL be paying the bill. I pray no serious damage has been done and that I will still be able to do mastering work. If I monitor through Logic, even at 128 the monitored audio will occasionally slip out of sync and there will be like a 2 second delay in the monitored audio, then eventually a deafening blast of white noise. To release software in this untested state is totally negligent, irresponsible and downright dangerous. Disgraceful.

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