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I have an iMac g3, 333MHz, 32 MB RAM, 6 GB HD. It's running OS 8.6.

I'd like to clean it up and try to find it a new home. I'm trying to put 10.3.9 on it, but without success. If I run teh installer, the machine restarts, but just as an OS 8 machine. If I try to boot from the CD by holding the C key, it still just boots to OS 8.

I'm thinking the 32 MB RAM may be the deal breaker. I've got oodles of RAM lying around, but I don't see any user-serviceable way to exchange RAM chips.

Do I have a chance getting OS X to run on this? Apple did say that it would run on "all iMacs." Or would I be better off investigating an alternative, like one of the Mac-flavored Linux distributions?


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