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What could be my problem: I'm trying to sync Notes on my new iPhone 3GS to my iMac, and it doesn't seem to work ...

After I enter 2 new Notes on the iPhone, I put the iPhone in its dock and do a sync in iTunes via USB. At that time I get a Sync Alert message on the iMac screen that says, "Syncing with Eric's iPhone will change more than 5% of your notes on this computer." Below that I see Information that says I am adding 2 Notes, modifying 0, and deleting 0. That is absolutely correct. When I click on Show Details in that alert window on the iMac, I see the contents of my new Notes. So I click on the Sync Notes button and it looks as if the syncing of Notes is actually happening: iTunes duly says, "Syncing notes with 'Eric's iPhone" ... ". Yet when I look at Notes (under REMINDERS in the Mail sidebar) in the Mail application on the iMac, I do not see any of the Notes from the iPhone.

Nor do I see, on the iPhone, any of the Notes I have created in Mail on the iMac. The behavior I am seeing makes it look like Notes syncing is in fact taking place, but Notes in Mail on the iMac is not the place to/from which Notes on the iPhone are being synced. Yet I don't know where else on the iMac to look for my synced notes. Anyone know what I'm missing here? Thanks.

iMac G4, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Me too. Did you have Missing Sync installed on your computer previously?
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    I got it to work by deleting all my notes from Mail.app and then syncing. Some of my notes had files embedded in them (webbloc files) that I think ultimately was causing the problem. Any notes I wanted to keep I just dragged to the desktop, did a 2-way sync and then generated new notes in Mail.app, cutting and pasting the content from the desktop notes to new notes (minus attached files).

    Basically the short of it is, if you've got notes with files attached to them, JPG, etc. In my tests it prevented syncing.
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    No, I did not have Missing Sync on my computer ...
  • Eric P. Stewart Level 1 Level 1
    I don't have notes with files attached on iMac. Nor does deleting all notes on my computer and syncing again from iPhone help. I see the standard message about changing more than 5% of my existing notes, the sync appears to happen ... and there is nothing in Mail.

    I tried syncing several notes from iPhone and then deleting all of them on iPhone and re-syncing. I got the usual warning that I was changing more than 5%. Clicking the warning box's flippy triangle revealed all the notes I had deleted. The sync happened,presumably deleting the synced copies on iMac. Then I created a new note on iPhone and re-synced. Again the sync happened ... but the new note was not in Mail on iMac.

    It feels like there may be two files on iMac that supposedly Mail can look at to find notes. One is the file that Mail is actually using, while the other is the file that the syncing of iPhone notes in iTunes actually updates. Is that possible?
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    Huh. Where are you looking in Mail? Under Reminders, yes, but in my Mail there are several sets of Notes--On My Mac, MobileMe, and a set for each IMAP account I have set up. The notes that sync to the phone should be under On My Mac.

    (Although clicking on Reminders/Notes should show Notes from all accounts)

    Also, have you restarted Mail once or twice in all this testing? Always worth a try.
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    All I see is a single "Notes" under "Reminders" in Mail's viewer window sidebar. Though I do have a MobileMe account and it is set up to automatically sync my notes, I don't see any indication of it in the Mail viewer window. I don't see "On My Mac" either. How would I get either of those to show up in Mail?

    I have restarted Mail any number of times, restarted my iMac, restarted my iPhone ... none of which gave me the ability to view, in Mail, the iPhone notes I'm convinced (since the syncing operation does seem to be taking place) are getting synced somewhere on my iMac.
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    Huh. It shouldn't make a difference, but Notes should have a clickable triangle to expand it and show On My Mac, Mobile Me, etc.

    You might ask in the Mail forum about troubleshooting Mail.
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    " ... Notes should have a clickable triangle to expand it and show On My Mac, Mobile Me, etc."

    There's no clickable triangle next to Notes for me. Reminders, just above Notes, has one. But not Notes.
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    I have no clue. But it sounds like something is off with your Mail--I would try that forum. You and I are both running 10.5.8, it looks like--I don't know enough about Mail to know why they might be different.
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    I figured out what to do to get all my Notes to sync between my iPhone and my iMac (including to/from MobileMe).

    If you have a like problem in syncing Notes (or any other item that you intend to sync), the main thing is to read and follow the instructions in


    which is called "Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6: Resetting the SyncServices folder." (This is the first hit you see in Google for "reset mac sync services.")

    If you, like me, are running Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard on your Mac, the key thing is to:

    1. Open iSync.
    2. Choose Preferences from the iSync menu.
    3. Click Reset Sync History.

    There are different instructions for Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard.

    I didn't actually have to re-enable my iPhone's sync settings in iTunes or the sync settings under MobileMe in Preferences. Both sets of sync preferences were the same as before. But when I went ahead and synced my iPhone, and again when I synced MobileMe, I got a number of warning messages on my iMac screen telling me I had to decide whether to Merge the notes from each of devices or sources ... which I in fact did. (I also got some warnings indicating that whatever was doing the merging needed access to my Keychain, which I always allowed.)

    After all was said and done, I had a fully merged set of all my Notes in Mail.app on the iMac and also in Notes on the iPhone (and, I believe, in MobileMe).