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I've been having a problem for a while now, and I can't seem to figure it out. I have a Vista PC that contains my media library, and an Apple TV. I can Sync just fine to the Apple TV, but my Apple TV cannot see any non-sync'd files.

It used to work fine. I have tried disconnecting/reconnecting the Apple TV with the library, and that doesn't work. I do NOT have the "show only synced items" checkbox checked.

The network seems fine -- I can view HD trailers very quickly, and I can sync fairly quickly, too.

Does streaming use different ports than syncing? What ports should I check? Is there any way to diagnose the problem -- specific ports I can test?

I'm kindof at a loss - I don't know whether it's the Apple TV itself that might be bad or whether it's a problem with Vista. I was considering trying alternatives to the Apple TV, but it's been easy to use and my non-tech family members are used to using it now.

However, without the ability to stream, it's kinda useless to us.

Please help! Thanks in advance!

AppleTV, Windows Vista
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    Just a guess, try turning off all your firewalls and see if that helps.
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    I tried turning off the windows firewall - no help.

    I tried disconnecting and reconnecting to iTunes - no help. Also, when I go to select a library, the library is "greyed out" as though the pc isn't connected.

    Also, now it's giving me this error: "The Apple TV [Name] is not responding. Check that any firewall software running on this computer has been set to allow communication on port 3689."

    1) I turned off the firewall.
    2) Before and after I turned off the firewall, I can telnet from a mac to the vista machine port 3689. So it's definitely accepting incoming connections.

    I'm resetting the Apple TV to factory, and I'm going to re-apply the updates. Maybe that will help.