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My MacbookPro 1,2 is the only mac having trouble connecting to the wireless at home. Two other macbooks and a newer MBP canconnect without problem. Within the same vicinity of the other macs, my MBP can see our wireless network with a strength of - at most - one bar, while the other macbooks find the wireless at full strength. Anytime I try to connect, I receive the message "Connection timeout." Network diagnostics will tell me that it cannot connect to the network, am I sure I have the correct password? Yes. At seemingly random my MBP will connect, usually for less than 10 minutes and then dropping. If there is a sustained connection (often with free public wireless), my connection speeds are unusually slow.

I upgraded to Snow Leopard, but without resolution to my problem. I tried creating a new location, rebooting the modem & router, turning the airport off/on, changing the wireless channel from 6 to 11, and restarting my MBP, but all with no signs of hope.

I should add my wireless connectivity troubles are not exclusive to my router at home; my MBP behaves similarly with other wireless networks. Am I missing something? What else can I do short of getting it serviced?

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Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    Try typing a $ sign in front of the password.
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    Thanks sig,
    Unfortunately the $ sign did not help. I still receive the same message, "Connection timeout." when trying to connect.

    I have started to notice that usually when my MBP first starts up (not restarts), or when it awakes from sleep, there is a better chance that I will have a connection. Sadly though, once I get dropped, I cannot reconnect.
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    Here is an update for anyone interested:

    I booted off of ubuntu to check the wireless connectivity. I found that the range of the MBP's wireless is significantly shorter than the three other macs in the house. I would only receive connectivity as long as I was in the same room with the router. I hear doorways are killer, at least for my poor little machine. The good news is that once I had a connection, I would not be dropped!

    I still don't know whether I can conclusively say it's hardware or not, so I'm planning on taking in to the genius bar for a quick look-see.... and inquire about possible repair costs.
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    Having the same problem as you. Upgraded my wireless firmware, no luck. All other computers work. Problem is intermittent.
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    I had this same problem for months. The problem was solved by installing a new airport card that works with the wireless "N" base stations. I believe the older version of the card was overheating which led to the wireless network being dropped. Previously, to no avail, I had sped up the cooling fans with SMC fan controller. I had bought a new base station. I had done a clean install of an earlier version of Mac os 10. Every day some other attempt. All other computers and Ipods had no problem with the wireless. Finally installing the latest airport card did the trick. I used an airport card from Fast Mac. Card, Wireless, Airport Extreme (802.11n) $89.90. I had tried to use enabler (from apple) to unlock the original airport card's N capability as some MacBook Pros have the N built in but not enabled, but it was not applicable to my airport card. Fast Mac emailed me to check which card I had. Some have three leads for the antenna, some two. Mine had two and it works perfectly. I am connected to the 5Ghz N signal from a Time Capsule. It is so nice not to be losing the wireless signal anymore. This computer now has way better signal and speed from much farther away from the router.
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    I, too, went ahead and upgraded my airport card through ifixit at $89 after discovering there was no corrosion of the metal in the card and ubuntu had problems. I did not upgrade my router as no others were having problems (using linksys wrt546). I have not had problems with my wireless since. Wooo!!!
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    I think my issue is that the wireless antenna in the laptop is just weak. It also loses connection with the lid shut.
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    I have a unibody MBP, a fairly new one. The base station however is older, not sure which version (Model A1034, whatever that means). I suppose I have the same problem as eray1066 just the other way around (too old of a base station for too new of an antenna?). It's quite annoying. If I want to connect after start up I have to unplug and replug the base station. Any possible solution here ?
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    My connection times out when my computer gets hot. Anyone else with this problem?
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    I had issues connecting to my time capsule, the machine kept saying "Connection Timeout" even though I typed everything correctly. I tried deleting prefs, updating firmware, changing security settings, nothing.. Finally, I got connected again by changing the wireless channel from 6 to 9. Magically everything is fine now.
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    Similar experience with my Macbook/WRT54G/Tomato network. The connection timeout started when I switched to channel 14. Choosing another channel solved it for me.
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    i had the same problem with our macbook and we fixed it by disabaling the mac filtering on the router. hope this helps some.