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Hello. Tonight I plugged my iPod nano into my laptop and waiting for my iPod to sync in my iTunes library, but my iTunes library never opened up and my iPod did not display the "syncing" dialogue on the screen.

Is there anything I can do to fix this so I can sync my iPod? I last synced it about a week ago and am not sure why it isn't working. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Windows XP
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    Have you tried to check the "Sync Music" in the Music tab of your iPod in your iTunes??

    Alternatively, you could just press the sync button in the bottom-right corner of your iPod in your iTunes.

    Personally, I never sync my iPod except for photos (coz I can't seem to put them manually). The reason is that by syncing, the iPod is only copying the music library, and sometimes syncing on a library that has less music will delete some songs that you already have. (things could get ugly when your iPod automatically sync itself to another computer [when you only want the power to charge it]). So I always uncheck the sync button and insert music manually. This ensures that my iPod stays organised and have the music I really want in there.

    Hope this helps