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I'I cannot get the Network Diagnostics to show green lights for all its checks. Green: Ethernet, Network, ISP. Yellow/Red: Internet, Server. Under this situation, Safari will connect to all sorts of sites. It's usable but occasionally will lock up. Firefox does nothing but spin trying to connect to google.com, for example. Ping command from terminal also has no luck pinging domains or their IPs.

Recently, I did something to get all green lights for my Network settings, Firefox and all applications worked as expected. Then, after making no changes to the Network settings, I restarted and then I was back to the partially connected state. The something I thought I did was turned off IPv6 connectivity.

I've had this issue on and off since I purchased this Mac Mini in late spring 09. And it's happened with 2 ISPs (Comcast cable modem and now shared LAN thru small company, Access Media 3).

The Mac Mini connects thru Ethernet to an Airport Extreme (being used as a router basically). My iPhone uses the Airport Extreme wireless network without a problem.

The Mac Mini network location in Network Preferences shows the Ethernet as "Connected" and thru DHCP it is assigned an IPv4 Address of of the airport network. Router: DNS Server: Search Domains: mdiaccess.net. IPv6 currently turned off. No proxies configured or existing on the network.

Only when I run Network Diagnostics do I see that I have either yellow or red lights for the "'Internet" and "Server" check. My experience has been if I get those to be green, I am fixed. (an aside, maybe related: Network Diagnostics will freeze and be "Application Not Responding" when I hit Continue button with Ethernet selected. Every single time.)

So, can someone help me identify the issue? I do not know what "Internet" and "Server" failing means exactly, especially considering Safari (version 4.0.3) is having no issues browsing the web.

I also configured Firefox network settings to use no proxy. But as I said, ping doesn't even work while Safari does.

Thank you in advance for your help. Hopefully, I've given enough details.

Mac Mini A1283, Mac OS X (10.5.8), Connects to internet thru Airport Extreme router