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I bought an iPod touch one year ago (1st gen) and don't use it often. I often leave the ipod off for two weeks or more at a time, but do charge it and discharge it at least once a month. Up until about a month ago, my battery was fine and held a full charge for a long period of time.

One month ago, I tried to turn on my ipod only to find that the battery was dead. I charged it to full, used it a little, and turned it off. After a few incidences of charging my battery to full and finding it dead again the next time I tried to turn it on, I discovered that my battery was draining overnight (less than 12 hours) even with EVERYTHING OFF (no wifi, applications, alarm or anything). I took it to an Apple store and they told me I had a software corruption and restored my ipod. Thinking that would fix the problem, I charged it to full and left it overnight, and it was dead AGAIN the next morning.

Does anyone know what possible causes might be responsible for my horrendous battery performance? I would appreciate all theories because I have already tried a few solutions and they all do not seem to work.

Strangely, my ipod battery cannot hold its charge overnight if off, but holds the charge surprisingly well (over one hour at less than 10% of the battery charge) while I am using the ipod to listen to music. Why might that be?

The only possibility that I can think of right now is that one of my song files might be corrupted. After restoring my ipod, I reloaded my song files onto the ipod, and experienced the same battery issues as before. I haven't tried restoring and leaving a clean, charged ipod off overnight yet, so that might be a possibility. If it is indeed a corrupt song file, how can I find it? (Any more efficient ways than syncing one song at a time and testing the ipod overnight?)

If you have any theories or suggestions for why my battery is losing its charge overnight and how I can fix/improve the battery performance, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
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    Try a restore from iTunes in case something is wonky with the software that manages the battery. In general, Li-ion batteries prefer to be used and incrementally charged, and not deep discharge/recharge cycles.

    As to conserving battery life, you can either turn the iPod off (hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the red slider) or turn WiFi off before you put it in sleep mode. While WiFi turns itself off within a couple of minutes, applications, like Mail, can turn it back on to check mail while sleeping.

    And of course, your battery could be failing... They do have a finite age.

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