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I have my songs on a music website that allows what they refer to as "Super Hi Fi" mp3's,
I've always used 256 kbps because I heard it will play on more players, but now I'm questioning if that is true. I would like to change my settings to Super Hi Fi or 320 kbps. I changed to that bit rate under "custom settings" but there are other varibles and I'd like to know which is best or which have pros and cons. Should I click or unclick on "Use Varible bit rate encoder (VBR) At presentit is checked.
Then there is "Normal" or Joint Stereo". What's the difference? At present I have "normal" setting
I'm using MP3 encoder. Is Apple lossless better? What id Aiff encoder. I have quality set to highest and 44.100 KHz. I want the best possible sound quality but will it be too fast for some computers. I want it to play as universally as possible but I also want the best quality. Someone told me 256 kbps is the best compromise - lose a little quality but gain more playability on more puters. Thank you for your help!
(This applies only to my original songs created on GB and exported to itunes, not to imported songs.)

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